Helms Deep Survival for Left 4 Dead 2!

There’s no shortage of LOTR fans on here and I think you guys would appreciate this custom survival map for Left 4 Dead 2.

It’s a 30 minute game split into 4 sections. You start off at the wall, fall back to the stairs once they blow up the wall, fight inside the fortress, then get out for the final charge where you get to see Gandalf!

Throughout the 30 minutes there’s a constant stream of commons, special infected and tanks.

Oh and music from the soundtrack is constantly playing!

The one time I did play it though, we ran into some invisible jockeys. They’re easy enough to kill when they’re on someone’s head but hard to shoot at up until that point. And the music is kind of loud so you need to turn that down.

Anyway, we should give it a try so download it!

Gandalf with a machine gun? :smiley:

What? He’s multi-classing.