Help an Osip out, (80's music help)

Osip is trying to woo a lady. I have decided a serenade of 80’s music would be good.
Help me determine songs so that Osip may capture her heart!

Thank you Teeming Millions

80’s music to woo a woman.

Modern Talking, dude, can’t go wrong with that :smiley:

Err…how about The Smiths ‘Hang the DJ’ :wink:
LC - a confirmed 70’s man, baby !
BTW, good luck and Ding Dong !!

INXS-Never Tear Us Apart
**U2[/b[-With or Without You, Still Haven’t Found…, One, Love is Blindness, All I Want is You
Mike and the Mechanics-Silent Running
Madonna-Live to Tell
Cyndi Lauper-True Colors
Sade-Smooth Operator
Spandau Ballet-True
WHAM!-Careless Whisper

And this is older, but just about anything by Sinatra will do.

freakin’ vB code. ::grumble::

“I Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon is a sure charmer. So is “I Want To Know What Love Is,” by Foreigner.

But if you want to really let her know just what kind of guy you are, may I suggest “Super Freak,” by Rick James? :wink:

Try “Lady in red”. Either she’ll love it or she’ll be nauseated. :wink:

Try “Panic” instead. :smiley:

Let’s see…this will be more from the new wave end, but here are my suggestions:
“If You Were Here” by the Thompson Twins
“So In Love” by OMD
“I Melt With You” by Modern English
“The Ghost In You” by the Psychadelic Furs
“Tenderness” by General Public
“Right Here” by the Go-Betweens
“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Tina Turner (just kidding)

BTW, I’d stay away from “With or Without You” by U2, which was suggested above. Not really much of a wooing song (“I can’t live with or without you…”). Better to go with “Sweetest Thing” (the original 80’s version) by them. Also, stay away from “The One I Love” by R.E.M. at all costs, unless you want her/him to think you’re psycho.

How about Just Like Heaven by The Cure? Woos me in a heartbeat. :smiley:

Oh, crap, I forgot a good one - “Adore” by Prince. It worked for me once.

OOooohh Osip. But I would like any music that you chose - you don’t need advice on what to play for me!!

Ooooohhhhh - so it’s not for me??? pouts Fickle damn affections.



“I’ll stand by you” by the pretenders??
“lovesong” by the Cure

are you sure it has to be 80’s?
if 65-75 will work too, try
“don’t fear the Reaper”-Blue Oyster Cult
“Insence and Peppermints”-??
“Shook me all night long”-AC/DC
“Vanilla Ice”-Vanilla Ice
“I like Big Butts”-Sir Mix-a-lot
something soft by AIR SUPPLY always REELS 'EM IN!
What was that one song by Guns & Roses that was really soft?
hmmm…that’s all I got now… AC/DC and Vanilla Ice and Sir Mix-a-lot are just songs I listened to … and revolve around Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll… so probably not for wooing a lady…

The first time I danced with MisterTot, it was to:

Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins

And I hear a certain lady in Toronto is driven into a sexual frenzy by Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. :wink:

Some of my favorites:

[ul]*Journey-“Open Arms”

  • Journey-“Faithfully”
  • Cheap Trick-“The Flame”
  • Bad English-“When I See You Smile”
  • Sheriff-“When I’m With You”
  • REO Speedwagon-“I Can’t Fight This Feeling”
  • Air Supply-“Lost In Love”
  • Air Supply-“All Out Of Love”[/ul]

That would be a good start, IMHO

How about “Pull up to my Bumper” by Grace Jones? or Otis Reading “I’ve been loving you too long (to stop now)”. Osip, I guarentee, Otis works everytime. It will snap knicker elastic at 50 yards or your money back.

Who said it was not wyldelf?

Osip just has to scare up an e-mail address and ICQ number is all.
Of course this ruins the suprise. :frowning:

Now Osip is an Osip to do, He must think of something new to do instead of Woo with Music.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Osip dude, I got just the site for you, not only do they have a great list, you can play them too. Ready?:

When in Rome “The Promise”
Best 80’s song (in my opinion)

I like Ad Nocturms suggestions. Well, maybe not the Sir Mix A Lot and Vanilla Ice :slight_smile:
Who is this mystery woman?
What is she like? What kind of music does she usually listen to? You have to be more specific Osip ;).