Help Build a Sick Valentine Kit, or, Tell Me to Fly a Kite

So I have a sweetie who is snowbound and sick. I’d like to maybe drop by later with something extra.

I sent flowers over, but I was thinking like a basket with some tea, red cough syrup, etc all wrapped up like a cheesy Valentine’s gift.

  1. Is this something you would find
    a) sweet, or
    b) annoying

  2. If a), what would be good to include?
    Fire away.

I’d consider adding either chicken noodle soup, or wonton soup to your basket. I’d probably consider it sweet, provided you intended to go away, after I accepted the basket so I didn’t have to entertain you.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t even expect to go inside. But I don’t want to make her feel compelled to entertain or be stressed about looking pretty or whatever, which is why I asked.

Maybe something snuggly? Like footie PJs or something?

I think it would be sweet.

Include a box of the super-deluxe, super-soft tissues with lotion.

And maybe a nice magazine that he or she wouldn’t usually buy – upscale fashion, or sports cars, or something for a hobby.

Okay, this is going down. Wish me luck. Thanks for the suggestions.