Help contacting bmg music

I would like to thank everyone in advance for ANY and ALL suggestions on paying these people.

I recently tried to buy a new car and was denied because I owe BMG music $52.00.

I have tried to call all numbers that I can find for BMG including the one on the credit report and they are disconnected numbers.:smack::smack: In my search I have found that there are lots of people trying to pay them but no one seems to know how to get in contact with them to pay them.
again thank you for your time and suggetions


The number on the website is +1 (212) 561 3000. I’ve just dialled it, and it works.

this is not the right number but thanks for your time

File a dispute with the credit bureau and ask them to verify the debt.

If no one is able to contact bmg music, then they will not be able to verify the debt and it will disappear from your record.

Yep. And if they do somehow “verify” I would assume there is at least 1 violation somewhere in that process.

thank you for all your comments i finally got in contact with BMG and paid them and closed the account they faxed all the information to me and they report to the credit agency on the 15 of every month and will be sending in the info


I hope your problems are over, but I suspect they are not. BMG has no vested interest in getting that information off your credit report; it doesn’t affect them. So don’t forget to check back on it after the 15th.