Help! Costume ideas needed! Villains/Heroes

I totally forgot that a friend of mine is having a birthday bash this Friday and her theme is Villains and Heroes. We are all supposed to come as either one with some sort of costume. It’s with a close group of my friends who are all into various comics/games/movies/anime and we can choose our character from any source, as long as you can make it fit the theme somehow.

But I’m totally drawing a blank as to what I should do! I have this week to come up with something fitting the theme. Sure, it’d be easy to throw on a towel as a cape, but I’m looking for something clever or awesome that’s not too hard to put together.

For the record I’m a girl, a bit chubby (so no Cammy costume or the like), and I’m not above going as a guy character. I just have no ideas right now.

Any suggestions would be great. One of my thoughts was maybe one of the blue-gloved agents from Firefly, but I don’t have suit and I don’t think the husband has one either… Hmm.

Any ideas?

I don’t think enough people go to costume parties dressed as Snidely Whiplash or Dick Dastardly. The mustache is the key!

I always thought a Two-Face costume would be pretty easy and fun to do. The hardest part would be sewing the two different-colored suits together, but that’s probably not so hard if you can sew (it doesn’t have to be perfect, of course), and the payoff would be worth it. People would love that. Once you’ve got the suit done just mangle one side of your face with some Halloween makeup and spray-paint one side of your hair a different color.

Goodwill usually has suits, including old, gawdy, colorful ones, for like 15 bucks.

You don’t have to sew to suits together. When I was a kid I dressed up as Two-face for Halloween and what we did was dye one side of the suit and add sparkles, colored glues and a lot of extra buttons to make it look crazy and sinister.
Just buy a cheap suit at a a salvation army store.

If you’ve got some bike leathers, how about Xena?

Alternatively, and a ‘clever’ costume, get a half-mask and go in a ball-gown: you’ll be the Phantomette of the Opera.

Boris Badenov was my first thought. Black fedora, black trench coat…wander around talking about ze moose and squeerel.

There’s some nice characters in Mystery Men - a Blue Rajah or Shoveller outfit would be cool.

This is an excellent idea!

If this doesn’t work for you get a set of mickey mouse ears (these should be available at various garage sales/ebay/goodwill stores), a long sleeve yellow shirt, yellow sweat pants or tights, and orange underpants (for the outside of your costume!) then you can be Mighty Mouse.

Ooh, or get blue jeans, a red polo shirt, and a sailor hat and draw yourself some stubble and you can be Bluto from Popeye.

Thanks for the suggestions! My budget is tight, so keeping that in mind helps. I love a fake mustache, I’ll see if I can find a trench coat for Snidely maybe.

Xena is good but kinda skimpy for mid-winter, if I recall her costume correctly.

You know I love Mystery Men! Maybe I can find a bowling ball and be Janeane Garafalo’s character! That might be awesome!

Or Rat-Man. :slight_smile:

Hmm, both good and easy to make! This thread has definitely helped to jump-start my inspiration.

I’m definitely looking for more quirky and unique costume ideas as well… I have to keep thinking.

ha! that’s the first thing I thought before even opening the thread!

I don’t know if you’ve ever run across the comic Too Much Coffee Man (one of my favorite superheroes); there’s a character called Too Much German White Chocolate Woman With Almonds. I think she’s a superhero, too, but in that comic it’s hard to tell sometimes.

Well, there’s always the Angloman universe…

Rats…thought this was gonna be a misplaced gaming thread about City of Heroes.

But, if you happen to have access to a woman’s one piece bathing suit…a flashy bathrobe (maybe an old one with some glitter/frilly stuff added), a wig (unless you happen to be brunette), white shoes and gym socks (close enough look to wrestling boots), and you could be “The Fabulous Moolah”–a lady wrestler from the kayfabe era. She claimed a version of the “Women’s World Title” for most of her career, usually worked heel, exploited the girls she trained by collecting a percentage of their earnings, and may have had lesbian relations with some of her trainees.

So, does that make her a hero or a villain? :smiley:

Heel = Villain

Babyface = Hero

Moolah was mostly a heel.

For that matter, pretty much any slutty looking outfit with a blonde wig and a Gucci purse, and the OP could be Missy Hyatt…a heel manager, considerably younger and more attractive than Moolah

I put together a quick and fairly easy Batgirl costume for Halloween that was comfortable, warm, and looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The same basic process could be used for a lot of other superhero costumes, although Batgirl is especially easy because of the color scheme.

I already had a black turtleneck shirt and an old pair of black stretch pants (circa 1991, preserved solely for costume use), and I bought some yellow and black felt and yellow ribbon at a craft store. For Batgirl I also needed a black ski cap.

I made a bat logo out of the yellow and black felt and stitched it onto the front of the shirt, and added yellow felt cuffs to the sleeves. I cut out some black felt bat ears and sewed them onto the hat. I wrapped the yellow ribbon around a belt to make a yellow belt. (I hadn’t been able to find a real yellow belt at the store.) I also made a smaller bat logo to go on the belt, but I didn’t like the way it looked and just left it off. If I’d had more time I’d have liked to make a black cape with yellow lining, but I just got a vampire costume cape from the store.

You can do what I did a couple Halloweens ago and go as Quail Man.

The year before I went as Spike, from BtVS.

Last Halloween I went balls to the wall as Tony Stark. (Reference photo.)

(And yes, I made the armpiece too.)

(And yes, this post is just mostly shameless self promotion. :D…but Quail Man is really easy to do, all you need is cargo shorts, green vest, and a belt and red towel to sacrifice for a cape.)

My husband and I once went to a party dressed as Fat Bastard and Dr. Evil. Our little one (six weeks old at the time) came along and was quite a hit as Mini-Me.