Help finding You Tube Video

Ok, this is driving me crazy. A couple of years ago I saw this video on you tube with this guy singing “All for you” by Sister Hazel. The screen was split down the middle with him on both sides singing both parts. I’ve searched You Tube, but my tube-fu is weak. Does anyone have a link to this video? For some reason it’s stuck in my head and I really want to watch it again.

Are you sure it was on Youtube? Youtube was only founded in 2005.

Which was a couple years ago.

Two years in real time equals 20 years in Internet time- at least to me. The difference between 1996 Internet and 2007 Internet is like a century.

I haven’t found anything they list more than a year old. Maybe they don’t keep anything beyond that.

Damn…well thanks for the help ya’ll. It stuck in my mind because the guy actually did a good job at syncing the two sides of the frame. For whatever reason that song has been getting a lot of airplay on XM recently, so that’s probably why it’s stuck in my head.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to give it a shot.

Google Video was launched January 2005, and competed (unsuccessfully) with YouTube until Google bought YouTube.

Google has a search engine specifically for searching video sites, here.

The result you get for split screen “all for you” says it was uploaded Mar. 2006, however.
But I just found out this song wasn’t performed by Blues Traveler. Thank you.

Thanks panamajack! I didn’t know about the search engine. I tried searching under “singing with himself” and “duet”, but didn’t think about the term “split screen”

What a fantastic post! Thank you! :slight_smile: