Help ID song with no lyrics.

If this were a song with lyrics I would know how to just do a google search, however, it doesn’t, so I need more help. By the way, if anyone knows a way of searching these songs on my own, I’d like to hear it.

Anyway, the song I’m looking for is a 60’s gangster type song. The last time I heard it, it was used in an episode of Simpsons. It was the one where Marge starts her pretzel making business. Homer goes to the mob to boost Marge’s business. They then have a scene of the mob doing their thing on different snack food businesses while they play the particular song I’m looking for.

If anyone knows the song in question, please help.

Hi Gjorp
I don’t have an answer for you…but wonder if this link would help you sift through to it?


The episode was called “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson.” Some info, including some of the music, is here:

Thanks for the links Daizy & jackelope. I’m still looking for that song, but I am completely astounded by the nerdishness of the people at jackelope’s link.

Yeah, I Googled simpsons episode guide and found that site. Man, those people are SERIOUS about their Simpsons. Yikes.

I remember there was a search a couple of years ago in the Simpsons community. It turns out it’s a piece of NFL Films music called The Lineman.

(On an unrelated note, I once heard a school band play this piece. Very interesting. If I could only bring John Facenda back from the dead, I could do wonderful things with it.)

When you say “60s gangster instrumentals” here’s what comes to mind:
George Clinton
Quincy Jones
Issac Hayes and Shaft
“Green Onions” by Booker T and the MGs

Something’s telling me it’s probably option 1 or 2. Hope this helps a little.

Was it the Theme to Peter Gunn?