Help ID this movie?

A young boy finds a monster and wants to raise it. This is in Scotland. Somehow people find out about the monster and a theme park is built. I saw it on cable about 15 years ago. It’s not “The Water Horse.”

Anybody have any ideas?

I’ll bet your thinking about Gorgo.

The captured creature is discovered to be a baby. Then Mommy shows up.

I liked it because when the mother got the baby back, they both immediately returned to the sea. Sure, London had been stomped Godzilla-style, but she was only looking for her child, and did no further damage once she got what she wanted.

Gorgo sounds interesting but in mine the “monster” that I remembered is actually a dragon. And I’m having no luck finding out what the movie is.

And now that I remember it’s a dragon, I could kick myself. The title is Dragonworld.

I’ll try yours if you try mine!:smiley:

Gorgo really is a good movie, especially for an older black and white film. The monster isn’t bad simply because it’s a monster. It only wants it’s baby back.