Help ID this song from the 70s

Okay, sadly I know only ONE line…heck, not even that…so this may be unsolvable. Anyway, this song is from the 70s, its a female singer, and its in the hippie/singer-songwriter style.

something something just life’s illusion yaaa daaa something something

Heh, well, I’m sure if someone actually does know the song they’ll recognize the one I mean.

Judy Collins - Both Sides Now.

Back with a lyrics link in a sec.

This lists Clannad and Paul Young as the artists, but it’s the same song. Apparently it’s been remade.

I got it, too. The words life’s illusion’s are a giveaway.

Now just wait a goldurned second there, you Kallessa you. I NEVER EVER get one of these CS questions right. So you just step back there in the shadows and be quiet and let me enjoy my ONE! AND ONLY! EVER! Correct answer. OK??

T’ank you :slight_smile:

Actually, the song was written by Joni Mitchell

I thought it was sung by Joan Collins.

No, it was definatly Joan Beaz. Or maybe Phil Collins.

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Yes, its deffinitely Both Sides Now. Thanks for the quick responses. You guys are good!