Help identify book series

Years ago before satellite radio I was a member of a books on tape service located in truck stops around the country. Pick up a book in Walcott Iowa, listen as you drive and leave it in Lodi Ohio. Get another for the drive to Little Rock, Arkansas. This was how I “read” many novels as I put a couple million miles behind the wheel. Sometimes I’d just like to put in some mindless entertainment that had no real redeeming quality, like a sitcom.
There was a series of these about a small group of people that discovered, after “the apocalypse”, a forgotten government program that would teleport them from one secret facility to another. Only they had no idea where they were going. And of course become involved in a conflict with the people that are living in that area.
I’m thinking “outland” was in the title or subtitle of each. I’ve tried searching various combinations of this but have been unsuccessful. Anyone remember reading or listening to these and can help me put this to rest. It’s slowly driving me crazy.


That’s it. Thank you.

De nada; was the series any good, or were you including it in the “mindless entertainment that had no real redeeming quality” category?

Definitely the mindless entertainment category. Kind of a quantum leap only places instead of time. Then meet some nice people that are in conflict with bad people, help the good people making the bad people your enemies to escape from by getting back into the teleport device to go to another unknown place. Throw in a little romance, a little help the helpless, many gun/sword/fist fights and maybe lose or add a member of the company just before the narrow escape. Just fill in the details with different names.
It was something to keep your mind active while covering the miles so you didn’t dose off. I wasn’t trying to remember so I can find them at the library just to stop the torment of several days of “I can’t put my finger on it”.
Each day I have these flashes of places and moments from the years and most of them I have a good grasp of the details but the name of those was being elusive.
As Roger Waters said " The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime." And I have a lot of em.:grinning: