Help identify classical guitar piece/composer

Okay, a melody I heard somewhere is stuck in my head and I’m trying to figure it out. In 3/4 feel, all even length notes, goes like this: e-g-g-g-f#-f#-a-g-f#-b-b-b / e-g-g-g-f#-f#-a-g-f#-e-e-e / e-g-b-b-a-b#-f#-g-a-a-g-b / e-g-g-g-f#-f#-a-g-f#-e… and so on. Any ideas?

Is it O For The Wings Of A Dove?

No, it’s a guitar piece, and the notes I showed are the melody, but they’re actually made into arpeggios in triplets. It’s in the same style as Romance de Amor

Finally found it - drove me crazy. Francisco Tarrega - Estudio in mi minor. I played this one hundreds of times but could not remember it. At least I’m able to sleep now without being haunted by this Melody.

How many people are you?

Thanks Mustardseed, that’s exactly it. And I see how you might be confused GuanoLad, but Mustardseed isn’t my sock, unless I’ve been sleepwalking or hypnotized, I’m sure the mods can check up on that if they wish.

Damn . . . I suspected it was Torrega, but kept thinking of *Recuerdos de la Alhambra *(my favorite), which it is not.

Sorry for the confusion, but I’m really not a sock. Long-time Lurker here, still a bit uncomfortable posting in English, but with a huge affection for classical guitar. The melody, which Mojo Pin posted, gave me a serious case of an earworm. I immediately knew the piece, I could play it without problem, but i could not remember the name or the composer. Hence my reaction as I finally got my ‘Eureka’ moment (after sifting through a huge pile of classical guitar scores).

Now all makes sense. :slight_smile:

I figured it was something I was misreading, so I’m glad my suspicions were unfounded.