Help identify these kung fu/Chinese movies for me

Last night, Fionn and I got together with some friends and went to one of the local artsy movie houses here in Austin, and watched a special “Kung Fu Masterpiece Theater” event. It was really fun, and like all shows at the Alamo Draft House, they had some scenes to some other old movies, and I saw two that looked rather interesting.

  1. This one had three groups of heroes apparently failing some serious trials. EAch group consisted of two people using the same weapon (the first group swords, the second group knives, the third group spears) . The first group fights about four guys all dressed in gold with gold shields that fire out little blades, the second group fought about four guys who were disguised as trees and had claws, and the third group fought guys dressed in blue who were swimming in this little creek and had little floaties and tridents.

  2. The other one involved a group of people going into a graveyard (modern clothing). They’re being lead by an old man, who shows them a ghost, which happens to be some cute looking cartoon turtle that gets in an argument with one guy and starts tormenting him by splitting into a bunch of smaller versions and attacking him with various weapons.

Anyone know what movies these are and anything more about them? Thanks.

Movie #1 is almost certainly Super Ninjas, sometimes called Chinese Super Ninjas. I have two copies, one of videotape and one on bargain-basement DVD (which, for some reason, has edited the brief glimpses of nudity and the one or two mild expletives that were in the movie, such as “bastards”). That one’s a lot of fun, the fighting is marvelous. And there are some great lines. Watch for, “I’ll avenge your death!” “I’m not dead yet!”

Movie 1 is:
5 Elements Ninja (Shaw Brothers).

Movie 2
I’ve seen it but can’t remember the title.