Help Identify this Image - (Arabic?) Woman Protesting with Picture

Hi, I’ve been in lurk mode for a while now, but I need the help with this one, and I think this is the right forum.

I’m doing some research on Martin Kramer. On his website, there is a photoshop of a (presumably arabic) woman holding a picture frame above her head with Kramer’s photo inside. I know I’ve seen this picture before, but I cannot remember where or in what context. I’m hoping someone on here recognizes the picture and can help me track down the original image. The direct link to the picture is here.

Thanks in advance!

Reading his blog he comes across as a bit of a mocking smartass to those who disagree with him. There’s probably a reasonable chance it’s just a photoshop.

Hi Astro, I’m certain it is a photoshop, but I’d love to track down the original image over which he has inlaid his own photo. I swear I’ve seen this picture before, minus the picture of Kramer upheld and something else in its place.

I don’t know if this one is any more genuine.

I’m getting an idea for a new joke picture frame…

GuanoLad, how did you find that image? If that is the original, it makes a twisted kind of sense. But by placing his image over who I assume is Nasrallah, is he suggesting he is the hope for Hezbollah supporters? I’m so confused. You’d think he’d at least explain why he put this particular image on his site…

FYI, Kramer, for those who don’t know him, recently caused a bit of a stir with his call to end pro-natal subsidies in Gaza: This is the bit that’s getting the attention:

Well I’ll be damned. I’ve been looking at this site for weeks, and just when I start clicking around trying to find the origin of the picture, he goes and changes it on me - the link above no longer works. But, here is a version on his facebook:

He’s now replaced the photo with an image of a woman’s hand burning his picture.

Still trying to figure out the origins of the first one, if anyone gets there…

There’s a new site online called TinEye, which searches for images that match. I stripped out the parts that were wrong (the shadow border, and the contents of the portrait), and searched. That’s what came up. If it’s genuine, it appears to be from a protest in Beirut in 2004.