Help identifying a Kinks-esque pop tune?

I recently heard a song on the radio that I know was a mid-level hit at some time or another. I’m having dificulty placing this song in time – it could be anything from late 70s to late 90s. The singer sounds a lot like the Kinks Ray Davies. In fact, there’s a chance that the song might be performed by the Kinks (but Google and did not bear that out).

The song is poppy, light, and brisk. Stylistically, it sounds like Ray Davies was sitting in with the Gin Blossoms or the Rembrandts.

The only lyrics I can recall are at the end of the refrain, delivered plaintively:

“And I don’t know,
Which way to turn”

(That last line might be “which way to go” … I’m about 75% sure it’s “turn”, though)

Searching these lyrics yielded little on Google. Does the above ring a bell for anyone?

I think the song you’re talking about is Say You’re Wrong by Julian Lennon.

Sho’ nuff … thanks guys!

Julian sounds a lot different to me than he does, say, on “Valotte”, though.