Help Identifying an Actor

OK, so I was out with friends last night and we saw this actor that is pretty familiar, although he isn’t a headliner. The name that kept popping in my head is Lance Hendrikson, which was frustrating, because it wasn’t him. Buthe has that same skeletal looking face and receding hairline. I seem to recall him in a football movie, although I may be wrong.
OK with that great desription, dopers start throwing names at me.

Ed Harris? He’s got a pronounced bone structure in his face and is pretty much bald, although he’s definitely not “skeletal”. He was in a football movie a few years ago called “Radio” (played a coach, IIRC).

Got anything else to go on? Tall, short, thin, fat (aside from face that is), is he “not a headliner” but still pretty recognizable, or is he C/D list type? Any other memories of other movies, or even what types of movies?

Robert John Burke?

I first thought of Ed Harris as well, but also possibly William Fichtner or Rutger Hauer. Not super-close matches, looks-wise, but they play the same character types Hendricksen might.

Nicolas Cage?

Oh, wait, that’s a skeletal face and a flaming hairline.

It seems to me that I was always mistaking Lance Henriksen for some other actor but I could never remember Henriksen’s name. Now I know who he is and have completely forgotten the name of the other guy.

It seems there is a need for a new section for actor’s bios on IMDB “most often mistaken for …”.

I always thought Lance Henriksen looks like James Woods, who was in Any Given Sunday a while back.

Scott Glenn?

Stephen McHattie?

I think they could be brothers.

Matt Frewer?

Al Molinaro?

William Fichter…BINGO!

Thanks for all the rest of the suggestions. I knew I could count on the SDMB.

I second Scott Glenn. First name that popped into my head.

Sir Rhosis