Help me ID this actor...?

Okay, I am trying to remember this actor’s name - he is baby-faced and kind of weasely looking, he definitely has an American (thinking like New York) accent. He has been in at least one period movie as a gangster/mobster, and played either an angel or a devil once…

I know, not much to go on, sorry…

Steve Buscemi?

Hey, it’s a starting point at least.

Good guess, but no…

younger looking

I’ll give you weaselly, but baby-faced? :wink:

If your baby looks like Steve Buscemi…<shudder>

I was thinking of Bruno Kirby, but the “angel or devil” is a puzzler.

Hair color? Approximate era of his movies?

I mean, Jason Lee or Shia LeBeouf maybe…

Ray Liotta?

Rick Hoffman?

Arnold Stang? (skip ahead to 1:24)

Oooh i FOUND HIM - but thanks!

I remembered he was in Buffy (show, not movie) - Max Perlich. Thanks all for your help!

He looks vaguely familiar, but I don’t know from where:

WTF, I’ll throw in my nomination even if it’s too late and wrong – Joe Pantoliano.