Help Latinos: Need some help translating phrase into Latin.

Little Dan Quayle for you in the subject. Anyway I need something like, “Fear is a pussy” translated into latin. I suppose therefore I need a colloquial term for “vagina.” Any other cool sounding versions are also accepted. :slight_smile:

First, you are aware that Latinos–speakers of Spanish, derived from Latin a long time ago–won’t necessarily be able to translate to and from Latin? They’re two different languages.

Second, the most helpful place on the 'Net for short translation questions in almost any language you can think of is Do the free registration and look for the menu option ‘Ask a Question.’ One of the professionals on that site will give you what you need.

Ah, the Dan quayle thing, I see. The reason I responded seriously to that is that my wife, who works as a translator, sees this misconception all the time. The amount of ignorance out there is frightening.

How about “timor est cunnus”?

Timor is fear and cunnus is a slang term that two sources that I can find say means… well, you can guess what it means, I’m sure.

It’s been a couple of years since I took Latin, though, so someone may be along in a bit to explain why that is completely wrong.

What is the Dan quayle thing? :confused:

I assume that “timor” meaning “fear” is not the same “timor” that is the name of the country “East Timor”?

Dan Quayle famously said that he was sorry he hadn’t studied Latin harder in school so he could talk with people in Latin America. Well, he didn’t actually say it, but it’s attributed to him.

No idea. I’d assume it isn’t. The Latin word is from the verb timere, to fear.

Is “timor” actually the noun for “fear” or is it the first person singular verb? Also, any other colloquiallisms other than “cunnus?” That’s a little too translatable for comfort, at least where a tattoo is concerned.

Yup, it’s the noun. The first person singular verb would be timeo. If you wanted, you could use terror instead.

Not that I can find.

See I just wanted to say that “fear is a pussy” so if it’s translated as the c-word, it wouldn’t work. What about “coward” or “wimp?”

Hmm… well, I got nothing more to offer at this point. Sorry!

Ooo I found a Latin phrase translator that gives you additional options for words:

Timor est ignavus,
superbia est taedium

“Fear is a coward,’
Pride is boring”

Kind of like it.

And thanks for your help Elfbabe et al.

Timor est cunnus, or, more syntactically traditional, timor cunnus est, is probably your best “straight” translation. But I’d be inclined to us cunniculus, the diminutive, which results in a pun on cuniculus, or bunny rabbit (note the single N), preserving the genitalia/small furry animal wordplay of the English original. I believe, without being able to adduce proof, that there’s evidence that the Romans used precisely that pun in their bawdier moments.

“Timor cunnus est?” I don’t fear the cunnus!

Well… actually I do kinda, as a bottomless wellspring of pleasure and child support obligations.

Fear the cunnus! Fear the cunnus!

Timor est ignavus
superbia est taedium
despero attero vicis

Would someone mind posting a phonetic translation of the above?