Help me approach this existential crisis constructively.

My existential crises always happen at just the wrong times. I’ll be helping customers on the job, when suddenly, I’m overcome with a ponderous sense of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual displacement. Or I’ll be doing my math homework when suddenly, I don’t get the “point” of it or what it “all leads up to”. There’s nothing wrong with having an existential crisis. They just don’t happen at the right times.

Tonight is the perfect night to have an existential crisis. I don’t have any temping to do for weeks and homework isn’t due for several days. So I’m going to have an existential crisis tonight starting at 7:00 PM. I’m going to go into total existential mode.

Help me make this existential crisis the greatest existential crisis it can be. How can I make it the most constructive, the most enjoyable, and the most meaningful crisis of them all? I think that if this crisis goes well, I might not have to have another inconvenient existential crisis for some time - and that would be a good thing.