Help me come up with a roller derby name!

I renewed my account JUST to post this, which for a poor college student is nothing to sneeze out, so I am really hoping the dope pulls through!

It should be something that’s a play on words, a celebrity’s name, etc, preferably while somehow conveying that I am TOUGH. An example (which is sadly unavailable) would be Veruca Assault.

It also cannot be already in use, which rules out almost everything.

I have no ideas. Can anyone come up with something clever and witty that isn’t already taken? Pleeease?

Paris Hittin’?

Hammerin’ Diaz?

Cleveland Steamers.

MrDantastic’s Fantastics?

Just a thought…

I like! Keep 'em rolling!

:dubious: to** racer**, however…

Sorry, but the Cleveland Steamers is already the name of a Roller-Derby Team.

May I suggest…Latex Pain

The scariest thing on a hockey rink… The Great Zam Boni
[sub] it’s not in use… Paris Hittin’ was taken.[/sub]

oooo - Hammerin’ Diaz - good one!

That might be a little confusing, as we’re not on ice! :slight_smile:

I DO like Hammerin Diaz…I have an irrational hatred of the person at the root of the name, but I’m willing to overlook that.

How 'bout the Brittany Smears?

You could go with an alternate like Hammerin’ Manheim or Hammerin’ Crowe.

My favorite derby name belonged to a librarian friend of mine: Dewey Decimator.

Some folks have a dirty mind. :smiley:

I present to all, a Cleveland Steamer. Yes, it is work safe.

Just some ideas…

Max Payne
Mick Jagged
Kelly Ripper
Jane Bomb Jovi
The Duchess of Hazard

Killery Hinton
Anna Nicole Corpse
Aileen Wuornos

Hamma’ Nicole Smith

Lindsey Lowhand
Lindsey Lowblow

Rude Paul
Rude Paula

Disgrace Jones

I like “The Duchess of Hazard” best of all the suggestions so far (including mine).

The Pain Train From Spokane?

To play off your lagomorphic user name:

Bunny O’Hare
Beater Cottontail

Ivana Smakunow

Cimi Denudye

And my best effort:

Mekatrina Eulevey

What’s your real name? We could come up with a play on that.

In the meantime, here’s some suggestions:
Anvil Lavigne
Shell Bombblonde
Queen of Spades
Alecto, Megaera, or Tisiphone (the Greek Furies)
Black Magic Woman
Run Around Sue
A Tomboy Named Sue
Slasher Chick
a list of historical pirate women

By the way, Spokane does not rhyme with train, but with Anne. Unless you’re talking about Spokane, Missouri, apparently.