Help me compile a Teddy Roosevelt costume

So I decided that my increasing belly is going to soon make me a very good candidate to make a very compelling Teddy Roosevelt on Halloween. Now, I’d rather not get something prefabricated like this, and would definitely prefer something towards the tweed end of the spectrum. Any good suggestions on where to start?

For the suit, check the thrift stores. Then, round glasses, a teddy bear, and a big stick. Whisper when you talk.

Start working on a good mustache. The one in that picture is just wrong.

Gloves, riding boots and spurs seem to figure strongly into the image.

And who sez he’s fat?

He’s not fat - just barrel chested. I’d like to steer away from the Rough Rider look, and more towards the tweed Presidential look.

Please simply wear a monocle and a t-shirt that says “BULLY” on it. This will bring great joy to everyone you encounter.

You could have a friend wear a shirt that says “TRUST”, and every once in a while you give him a bust in the mouth, too.

Remember he didn’t like to be called “Teddy.” He was “the Colonel,” “T.R.” or “Mr. President” to all but his closest family, to whom he was known as “Teedie.”

No particular costume suggestions, except that he did so much in his life, there are any number of different costume options. Quite a guy - a hero of mine.


OH, and carry a BIG stick. REALLY big though. Comically big.

Monocle, BULLY t-shirt, friend in a TRUST shirt, and a giant stick.

Prepare to win every single costume contest you encounter.

I don’t think TR even wore monocles, but in my mental image of him he is, so go with that version of him. I don’t think he really wore BULLY t-shirts either.

He didn’t wear a monocle, he wore a pince-nez!

Harrrumph! Pusillanimous pussy-footers! Monocles are GERMAN! :mad:

Monocle? I don’t recall ever seeing one; small wire-framed spectacles, yes, but not a monocle.

I like the presidential portrait look: formal dress, long coat, vest with watch chain. And of course the mustache and spectacles.

I played (a character who thinks he is) Teddy Roosevelt in Arsenic and Old Lace and got the lensless pince nez from a costumer for a few dollars (like this one). Looks fine from a distance.

The problem with the real ones is that they’re measured to the individual, so even clear lenses can be irritating to the eyes.

Yes. My grandfather once played TR and she still has his pince-nez glasses. You can dress him all sorts of ways, military uniform, turn of the century formal wear, hunting attire, turn o fthe century bathing suit, etc. But the glasses and mustache are key.

Be sure to keep a folded-up speech in your breast pocket to stop assassin’s bullets.:smiley:

Just think- if he’d given a short speech he’d have probably been killed. Instead it was a ninety minute speech so it was fat when folded over.

The moral of the story: the TLDR attitude can kill.

The play I mentioned was a no-budget small town little theater so you had to provide your own costume. This was mine from things I had around the house and a sweater vest I bought at a yard sale, but I think it looks relatively period.

Ensure you talk fast, walk fast and leave everyone breathless in your wake.

Going on the Arsenic and Old Lace bit, if you see a set of stairs you could always run up them yelling “CHARGE!” pretending your taking San Juan Hill.

Elendil’s Heir’s pic are a good sampling.

You’ve got to arrive riding a moose.

The things they could do, even before PhotoShop!

There must be an interesting story behind this.

“The military’s first attempt at amphibious landing craft was not well-received.”