Help me convince my father that Kevin Trudeau is a lying bag of horseshit

Trudeau, of course, is the snake oil salesman and pimple on Gaea’s ass who hawks Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About on infomercials. Last name I learned, to my horror, that my father has ordered his book and is entirely prepared to believe many of his claims.

Now, my first course of action is clear. I must track down Trudeau, explain his offense to him, give him a chance to apologize, and then leave him to the carniverous mercies of my genetically engineered winged flame breathing venom-spewing chimpanzees. But that only solves the WORLD’S problem; it doesn’t do anything about my father’s being misguided. For help with that I turn to the Dope.

For a little background: my father’s in his mid-70s, and though possessed of reasonable native intelligence, only has a sixth-grade education, fairly typical of black man born in rural 1930s Mississippi; he’s also a Pentecostal Christian. What arguments might I muster to help him see that, no, he should NOT take Trudeau’s advice over his doctor’s for ANYTHING?

Thanks in advance for your input. I’m off to give the monkeys their assignment.

You might try getting him one or more of these Mayo Clinic Health Reference books:

Maybe it appeals to him to have a book with practical suggestions for the various things that go wrong. They even have one on alternative medicine. I haven’t read that one specifically, but in general these books have a high level of credibility, and it should warn him off of the actualy harmful stuff in Trudeau’s book.

Print off these articles and send them to him. It is the New York Times and ABC, and since both are so well known he might be more willing to listen to what they have to say.

You could point out to your Dad that if this “snake oil” stuff really worked, we’d all be on it (assuming everybody he knows isn’t already on it, that is).

I can’t stand that son of a bitch. He’s on every weekend, and once I saw him on twice in a row selling two different things.

I wish I had some help, but he’s slick, slick enough that I half believe what he says until I turn my brain back on. I’d go with what’s already been said, if it worked we’d all be doing it.

If Sweet Reason fails, you could always try Religion, since you mention he’s in his 70s and a Pentecostal Christian. Have a talk with his minister and if you can get him to agree that this Trudeau stuff is Not Good, maybe the minister can give him the message with Scriptural backing that will outweigh what sounds to him like just so many experts contradicting themselves.

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You could note that he’s a convicted criminal for starters.

I can’t get my brother to see what a bastard Trudeau is, and he has a Master’s degree in education.

How could you? My mom is an RN. She believes some sadhu (sage) can cure & prevent anything from AIDS to hepatitis to cancer. She says if I just follow his plan and do all the things he says I will never get any of those things.

My aunts believe that Satya Sai Baba can do miracles, and cure things with a touch of his hand. I want to tell them, You do know that allegations of child abuse have been brought against him? (But I wouldn’t even know how to bring such a thing up, and they’d never believe me.) And my aunts both have masters degrees in teaching and one of them has a doctorate in the Hindi language.

None of them are stupid but they are all so gullible. When people scold me for being a little gullible, I want to say, do you know how far I’ve come?

Personally I don’t think you’ll be able to. People have to come to their own conclusions.

But he is a smoothe bastard, I’ll give him that. I can get mesmerized by his infomericals and I’ve seen them all many times over and I know he’s full of shit. His genius in fooling people is that he tells them what they want to hear. In his new one about weight loss, he says that fat people can’t help being fat, and that its not their fault, they have a constant hunger that can’t be ignored that other people don’t have. Every other weight loss deal tells people basically that their weight is their fault- KT tells them what they want to hear, that its not their fault, that its their hypothalmus thats to blame, and people (literally) eat that up.

Then when they get they book home and see that the “easy cure anyone can do at home” involves daily colonics, some pill made from algae found only on the coast of one beach in Fiji, infrared steambaths, professional massages, etc., only then do you realize you’ve just flushed 30 bucks down the john. That is, if you believed in the first place that doing all this will magically reset the hypothalmus and fat will magically either disappear or have the intelligence to move to other parts of the body where it is needed, and that you then you can get all the food you want and never gain weight again, ever.

I sorry I don’t have the time or energy to go in-depth enough about how badly he screws people, so I’ll quickly say two things:

  1. Have your father keep a close eye on his credit card. Many people who have bought KT’s products with a CC have had $30-$50 charges randomly show up down the road.

  2. Spend some time using the search funtion at It’s a forum for avid pool players, amateur and pro alike, and Trudeau has been discussed to death in the wake of the International Pool Tour he put together, which since went defunct supposedly owing many folks prize money. There are some people there defending him, too, so you’ll get the spectrum of first-hand experiences. You could spend weeks reading about him there.

That ain’t gonna work either because as Trudeau says, “It’s the heavy hands of the FDA and da gomment that’s keeping natural cures a secret.” He also spouts on about how Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies won’t make any money if you can cure yourself by eating grass.
I say, “If these natural cures were real then why won’t a Pharmaceutical company market and package them as drugs/cures and sit back and wait for the billions to come in?”

He’s a stupid bag-licking fucknut. King of the anecdote, master of lies.

Here’s a link from Quackwatch that might help do the trick.

IIRC buying a book gets you the bonus perk of a free 30 day memebership to his website, which if not cancelled in 30 days will be automatically renewed for your convenience, using the credit card number you bought the book with.

And I think he’s in cahoots with Amazon, because the devastatingly hilarious but accurate comment detailing the impossible regimen required to lose the weight was mysteriously removed the day after it was posted, never to be seen again. And I would bet my life that 99% of the positive reviews on Amazon originated from KT and his minions.

I like that first link, but about 2/3 of the way down they sort of trip up when they say,

No shit they stop growth hormone use before the animal is slaughtered. Can’t possibly administer GH after the animal is cut up can you? :smack:

Here’s another article exposing Trudeau’s sleazy health-con doings.

The problem is that revelations of fraud and criminal activity are taken by true believers as evidence that their heroes are being wrongfully persecuted. Once you have the mindset that They Don’t Want You To Know, everything can be incorporated into a conspiracy theory.

Good luck.

You can show him the laughable and hopelessly stupid website of Alex Chiu, a man that Trudeau has championed. That should be proof enough.

Geez, how can anyone even attempt to read enough to find out your a crackpot with a webpage design that childish?

No, you got it backwards. All of the bad things about KT on the Internet are put there by “Them.” You Know. The “Theys” in his books. :smiley: