Help me find a couple of (specific) quiz/trivia books, please?

I’m looking for two (or there could be more–I don’t know) specific trivia books, but I don’t remember the name of them, author, or anything else, really. I was hoping the dope could help me out.
These books have questions in them that are based on a newspaper section we used to have in our newspaper. It was a trivia/quiz-type section that would give the main subject of the questions at the top…and then there would be **three different sections **of questions. They’d be divided up based on difficulty…and the sections were named after education ranks: There was an “Freshmen level”, a “Graduate (I think) level”, and the last set of questions was always titled under “Ph.D level”.

Anyway, that was in the newspaper.

Well, the people who made the quizzes must have made a few books out of them by gathering a bunch of them together and publishing them.
The books are just like the newspaper section was: Each page has a quiz that has questions in Freshmen, Graduate and Ph.D sections.
And some of the quizzes have some pretty cool themes/subjects, too. One was based on what certain abbreviations stood for. Another was about things that you didn’t know have names. Stuff like that.
Does anyone have any idea what these books are called or who had them published or where I can find them? I know there were at least two books in the series…and seem to remember one had a blue cover. They were both fairly big height-wise, but not very thick…only about 40-50 pages each.

Update: Through some rigorous searching, I finally found what I’m looking for. Apparently this newspaper section is called “Super Quiz” by Issac Asimov and the books are based on that (and have the same title).