Help me find a movie based on vague recollection

Yep, one of* these* threads.

I remember going to see Dear Frankie in the movie theater in May or June of 2005. Before the movie started, there was a preview for a movie that I thought looked good, but I can’t for the life of me remember enough about it to find it on IMDB.

I think the plot involved a group of people from India or Pakistan (??) whose bus (??) broke down, stranding them in some town. It looked like a typical funny/warm/poignant kind of slice-of-life story with some culture clash mixed in.

And…that’s all I got. Based on where I was working and what was going on in my life at the time I saw Dear Frankie, I’m positive of when I saw the trailer, so that helps narrow release dates a little.

Any help would be appreciated. I somehow just remembered this movie the other day and want to try to find it on DVD.

The 2007 movie “The Band’s Visit” was about an Egyptian Police band scheduled to perform in Israel, but end up in the wrong town. It was very good.

Interesting trivia: the film was supposed to be Israel’s candidate for the Best Foreign-Language Picture Oscar, but someone did some counting, and found out that since most of the picture was about people from two different cultures trying to communicate with each other, over 50% of the dialog was in (heavily accented) English - making it ineligible for the award.

Additional trivia: the lead actor in the movie, Sasson Gabai, played Rambo’s Mujahedin sidekick in* Rambo III.*

That is, indeed, the movie. An answer within 7 minutes of my post—amazing, Nom De Plume. I thank you.