Help me find a procedural/drama episode

I have been trying to figure out the details of a, frankly fairly melodramatic and dumb, episode of a British drama that I remember from a few years ago.

I was about 99.9% certain that the show involved was Silent Witness because it’s verging on bizarre and unbelievable in the kind of a way that Silent Witness very frequently was (/is). And it’s about poking around with dead bodies, which is their thing. My problem is that I’ve gone back over the episode list twice and can’t see the relevant plot anywhere.

Here’s what I remember. Fairly wealthy family, big house. Son of the family is a student (I think), has gone overseas mountain climbing. There’s a big event (possibly the father’s birthday) and the son and the father have a phone call. He asks the father to go out and look at his car, parked in the driveway while he’s away. Then the call cuts out. And that’s the last contact they have with the son alive.

Three months later, there’s some kind of accident … maybe another car somehow runs into the son’s car, still parked in the driveway. Son’s car catches fire. When the smoke clears, there’s the charred corpse of the son in the front seat

I think that should be enough of the plot that anyone who saw it would recognise it.


Sherlock, The Six Thatchers.


I just looked it up and you are so right.

Now I can go do something more useful with my evening :wink:

This sounds familiar, but I don’t watch Silent Witness so if I’m remembering the same episode, it’s some other show. Sounds a bit like Jonathan Creek or Midsomer Murders, but they aren’t really procedurals.

ETA: D’oh! Solved while I was looking around.