Help me find the name of a movie I saw years ago

Ok guys here is all that I remember. It was a sad story about a boy whose mother died when he was young from I guess cancer and he got sent to an orphanage. There I think he befriended a chicken (real one). The boys treated him very cruely and at one point hanged the chicken and killed it before his eyes. Now I remember this movie to be kind of old, I think maybe from the 70’s, I know it defintley had color. I saw this movie about 7 years ago and now I have to find it, don’t ask why.

I’m not sure how to Google all this so I was hoping maybe somebody on this board knew what this movie was called perhaps.

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I had difficulty finding anything relevant. IMDb has a “Power Search” that you can use to narrow down a list of movies. It can be frustrating to use at times.

I also have a movie I have not been able to find.

It’s about an American who wants to become a monk. Before his arrival to Tibet, he is a hot-head boxer and an overall asshole. He finally earns admittance to a school after meditating outside the temple for several days in the weather. Slowly he learns a form of martial arts, and in the end works his way through a booby-trapped dungeon (barely) overcoming obstacles. It’s most likely from the late '70s or early '80s.

A few more things I remember are: the shoveling of rocks, fighting with sticks, fellow students hate him, hijinks and pranks, (barely) hiking to a mountain with a map to ask a single question from a wise man; incidentally he doesn’t think about what he’s saying and a question slips – a cliche used in stories with wish-makers (“Man, I wish I had a beer. Wait, no!”)

Any help would be appreciated.


how about " The Power of One "?

google and imdb it to see if it the one ( hee hee )

made in the early '90s i think


Setherghd, that would be American Shaolin… don´t tell anybody I told you.
I don´t see that kind of movies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! That’s the one!

eman77 that’s definitely the Power of One. It’s not that old, I think it came out in the late eighties or early nineties. If you get a chance, read the book it was based on. Well-written and very entertaining…