Help me find the value of this magazine please.

I’m looking for the value of a vintage magazine.

The issue is called Stolen Sweets, Tempting Tales
Issued in June of 1935. Vol 1 No 2. Edmar Publishing. NY
It’s sort of a risque type of magazine for the era.
Anyone be able to give an approximate value??

Mint condition.

I tried plugging it into and got nothing except books titles Stolen Sweets.

At Galactic Central I found the complete publishing history of the magazine: Tempting Tales was a later subtitle and Edmar the third publisher, so numbering is going to be tricky.

Hubba, hubba for some of those covers, though.

That women is 12 feet tall towering menancingly over those poor bears!

They’re “Little Bears”! Says so right on the cover.

I assume that the scrap she’s holding in her hand is all that’s left of the third bear. What a way to go!

Wait a minute. She’s a little bare herself!

Yeah, Rip-Roar, Yuck, Yuck!!

Three little Bears, got it.


What would it take to get a collector appraisal for something like this? I find it hard to believe that there isn’t something on the net about the value of these.

I’ve got a similar book tilted Bedtime Stories by Nat Barker vintage April of '35 by Detinuer Publishing.

According to the ads in the Mag I can purchase 3 dozen rubbers for two dollars and they even come with a five year warranty. Really.

Makes the kid over in MPSIMS who lasted an hour look like an amateur. :smiley:

Well if you take care of your raincoat, and don’t leave it wadded up in the back seat of the car seat on a hot day, it could easily last that long. Quite a deal!

Seriously, then. There is a page of Pulp dealers here. Go through their databases or write to them for more information.

I’ve had dealings with several of these, um, dealers, with good results. They’re incredibly knowledgeable, even about the most obscure items.

Thankyou very much, I will give that a shot.

There are some other deciding factors, like the identity of the cover artist (Can’t quite make it out on my monitor; I think Enoch Bolles was very popular) and the physical condition of the magazine (Poor, Good, Very Good, Mint). The magazine contents are, I’m afraid, completely irrelevant.

Actual nudity was kinda rare for those type magazine covers (They tended to favor lingerie and swimwear), so that works out well for you. My snap guess would be between $50-400.