Help me find these kimonos...

Don’t ask why.

I need someone who can provide 200 pink kimono style robes. They must be turkish cotton terry on the inside and velour on the outside. Approximately 48" long, one size fits most.

Anyone know of a place where I can find them?

They have to be the specs above.

Crazy huh? Your expertise is appreciated!

Just have to say – my plans for the long weekend don’t sound nearly as interesting as yours. :wink:

It looks like this person on EBay might have them. You can probably e-mail the seller and ask.

If not, this is probably EXACTLY what you are looking for:

Terry Velour Kimono

Hope I am of help.

Shooting another Robert Palmer video?

Pink, huh? What’s your timeframe? Because you might have to have a custom order.

I need to have the pricing in place by next week, but other than that, I have time to have them custom ordered if I could find someone who could do it…

Send me an e-mail (it’s in my profile). I just might know someone who can get those for you.

Kimono My House (Sparks)

You could dye white ones.