Let's talk about robes

It’s that time of year again, when I get out my trusty (and tattered) cotton fleece robe on cool mornings. I love getting myself wrapped up in this thing so that I can sit and enjoy coffee. But admittedly it’s probably time to trade it in for something less tattered. The only problem I have ever ever ever had with it is when I get just a little bit too warm in it and need to take it off, which makes me wonder if I should consider a different type of robe, like flannel or something.

What kind of robe do you have? Do you love it?

I have a terry cloth robe that I use all the time, though I also have a flannel one for warmer weather.

I really love the idea of a robe, and I have a nice thick flannel one, but I actually only wear it a couple times a year. If I get out of the shower and realize the pants or shirt I want is still hanging down in the laundry room, I’ll put it on so I’m not parading past the front door buck naked, but I find that to wear it for much longer than that I get too hot.

I have a thick polar fleece one that I wear every evening and morning in the winter. Cuz it’s synthetic it doesn’t get tattered… cuz I wear it over cotton pajamas the synthetic fibers don’t bother me.

I got it at Target, FWIW. We drop our thermostat down to 63 in the evening/overnight, but all the peripheral rooms get much colder.

I have one of these. It’s less insulated than terry cloth, but good.

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twicks, who has a fleece robe from LL Bean (that’s gotta be more than 15 years old at this point but is in fine shape) for winter, and a cotton robe from Target for summer.

I need a robe, but I have this Platonic ideal of a plus-size silk kimono-style robe in my mind, and I’ve never found anything to match it. So, I don’t have a robe.

I used to have a fleece bathrobe but I found it to be too hot, and it also was scratchy and would catch my skin if my hands or feet were dry.

My dad used to have a terry bathrobe forever, like from the 70s. When he retired he turned in to an old freezebaby, and my mom needs the house sort of cool (menopause) so I got him a nice plush bathrobe. He’s been wearing it every day for a few years now.

I got a plush bathrobe to replace the fleece one a couple years ago. It’s much more comfortable and while it’s still very warm I feel that it breathes more than the fleece one.

I have a thick, soft bathrobe made of unknown material from a big-box store. It’s definitely not fleece, terrycloth, or flannel. The material isn’t particularly absorbent, so it’s unable to function as a post-shower robe. I got it as a Christmas gift, so I’m not sure if it was Walmart or Kmart or Target or Meijer. I only wear it when our heat goes out or when I have the chills, because it’s too warm and thick to wear at any other time.

I’d *like *to find a calf-length terrycloth robe with three-quarter sleeves, but there doesn’t tend to be that much selection in plus-sizes. Maybe I should just stitch one of my own. I would love to have a robe that’s as absorbent as an actual towel.

Same here: very well-worn, well-loved fleece robe for winter, short-sleeved cotton-poly blend robe for summer. Have learned that, unless it’s really cold outside, I should wear a lighter nightgown under the flannel robe or I’ll roast!

I just ordered a cotton flannel robe from Vermont Country Store (the premier source for old-lady sleepwear) to use as my winter robe. My husband, bless his heart, once bought me a robe of some heavy mutation of terrycloth that I could easily wear for winter walks in the snow—way too hot for a mature woman of Scandinavian descent. Flannel is just heavy enough to wear in our house with the thermostat set at 66F, and since it’s cotton I don’t have to deal with static cling.

I’ve got a yukata that I wear from time to time. For all that it’s just thin cotton, I often find it a bit warm during the summer. It’s also excellent to let your girlfriend walk around in. :slight_smile:

I love Vermont Country Store! They have old time candy and cosmetics and other stuff you can’t find anywhere else. The web site is a treat to browse.

A heavy weight white terry cloth closable robe for home, and a light weight black wool non-closable robe for work.

I have a robe or two and never wear them. What I do use is a quilted flannel bed jacket from Vermont Country Store because I stay up late and read in bed, and we keep the room pretty cool in the winter.

I have a knee-length 3/4 sleeve robe that’s a thin terry on the inside (think soft, light towel) and satin on the outside. It was a gift probably 15 years ago, no idea where from. I don’t use it much, as it’s definitely an after-shower type of thing and I tend to run around nekkid until I’m dry and hair blow-dried. But, on the rare occasion I’m post-shower and chilly, or need to answer the door or something else rare, I’m always glad it’s hanging behind the door.

The closest I get to a bathrobe is an aba from an SCA outfit. Again, very handy for when the girlfriend needs something to walk around in.

I have the most comfy robe- it’s made from fleece/sweatshirt material, floor length, with a hood, zips up the front. I love that robe! Not too heavy,not too light, just perfect!

I actually bought one for a friend for Christmas last year and she said it was the best gift she got. :slight_smile:

Just bought this robe last night for my older son. It was between that and a star trek one. Got it at thinkgeek for $29.99, but my first link has better pictures.

Ok. I have to ask. What kind of work do you do that requires a robe?