Help me find this cartoon about the frustration of helping someone use a computer

I’m looking for a cartoon the theme of which is the frustration of helping someone use their computer - it was fairly simple stick/line drawings on white - and the person being helped was going about some sort of search in the most inept way (typing google into the google search box, etc.). I think it ended up with that FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU… face.

That’s it, in all probability. (A favourite.)

Actually, I think he means The Scrollwheel (YouTube link).

Funny, yet painfully true.

I’m not sure that’ the one the OP is looking for. I also remember a multi-panel cartoon that has someone typing Google into the Google search. I suspect it is xkcd though, but a longer one.

ETA: Ah, no the one I’m thinking of is the one Balance just posted above me. Here’s non-animated version

Thanks - that’s the one I was remembering.

Now that is funny.

I don’t use the scrollwheel.