Help me find this particular YouTube series on skepticism

I watched it a year or two ago, but my memory is already hazy, so apologies if I mess up the details.

It’s a series of perhaps a dozen videos, each ten minutes long, on skepticism, with a focus on atheism. They were clearly made especially for YouTube, and are narrated by an unseen youngish man (probably younger than Richard Dawkins) with a standard American accent. The videos are mostly still pictures illustrating what the narrator is discussing, with the occasional video clip thrown in.

The particular bit I remember from one of the videos goes something like this:

Of course, the actual video itself probably puts this much more artfully than I do. In fact, typing that out, I guess it’s possible that the narrator is just reading something written long ago by some renowned skeptic, and simply adding his own visuals. Whereas I had assumed that the text was an original composition by the narrator.

Did anyone else watch these? I seem to remember that they were pretty good and would like to take another peek at them. This seems like the sort of thing that I could google for hours (and I have spent a couple days searching YouTube fruitlessly), but someone on the SDMB will link to within five minutes of the OP.

Are they the ones (semi-secretly) made by HowStuffWorks’ Marshall Brain?

I don’t think so.

While that fellow’s voice sounds pretty familiar, and the message of those is similar to the message of the ones I’m seeking, there are a few differences (if my oft-fallible memory serves).

First, the tone is different. I especially liked my mystery videos because they seemed quite respectful believers, even while systematically tearing down their arguments. Whereas the GIIVideo videos you link to are a bit condescending. The one I watched concluded by repeating “the people who believe these things are delusional!”

Second, I believe my mystery videos were numbered. The GIIVideos don’t seem to be done in any particular order.

Third, I didn’t spot my dinosaur analogy in the quick bits I watched.

Fourth, I also seem to remember that my mystery videos were a little more history-oriented. Maybe there was a section in one of them about failed religious prophecies? About Catholic atrocities? Something like that.

If nobody can come up with any evidence of these things, I may just have to accept the fact that I imagined the whole incident.

I’m fairly sure I remember that video, but I’ll to fish around in my subscriptions/favorites.

Was it this guy? He’s made hours of stuff, so I can’t check it all.

What about that young Russian chick who rants against the religious right and creationists. Anybody remember her?
Sorry Randy for the hijack.

It’s possible. His visual style is a lot closer to what I remember. However, I don’t remember my mystery videos’ narrator having a UK accent.

I’m looking through them a bit to see if I recognize anything.

And, yes, someday, I will learn to differentiate between a UK and an Australian accent.

I don’t think she’s Russian, but you mean ZOMGitsCriss:

Well, she’s Russian in my fantasies. But that’s the girl.

I could tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me.

Miss ZOMGitsCriss is the person I was going to recommend also. She isn’t who you were looking for, but maybe she should be. She’s posted a lot of stuff, and a lot of it is worth watching.

Purely for the intellectual stimulation, you understand.