Help me get my friend's band famous.

My friend has a band called .david saturday that he started in college down in Florida. They used to do gigs for bars and such but never anything big, mostly just playing on campus. Now they want to start it up again and actually make a go of it. What’s the best way to go about this?

They are not a Christian band, their sound is more like Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, and John Mayer all rolled into one. They have a few CDs they made in a studio, some bumper stickers, stuff like that.

So, fellow Dopers, what’s the best way to get this band on the map. They have a website in construction here, and we plan to hand out free copies of one of their CDs in the parking lot after the Dave Matthews Band concert this Thursday in Cincinnati. Our goal, above all else, is to get them to open for Dave some tour, but, if we can’t do that, then just make them famous. :wink:

Any ideas and suggestion are welcome. Thanks in advance.

That is one of the worst band names ever. And no one cares how cute the origin story is. Example bad usage: “Come see dot David Saturday on Friday!” So that would be the first thing to change.

Also, spend as little money as possible on the CD’s they’re giving out so that they won’t cry when they see them all in the trash.

I’d pony up a few bucks to avoid the free webspace. The last thing you want prospective fans to see is:
**Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. **

Not to mention that GeoCities has popups. Not a good image if you want to look legitimate.

I agree about the name. It sucks. I also agree about the CDs. You have to have tough skin. I frequently go see new bands play, and when I get a cd given to me, I always throw it away.


by the way… why do I feel like this is a “A friend of mine has a problem” kind of thing. :wink: :wink:

So, what instrument do you play in “your friend’s” band?


AFAIK, the band name has to stay. The example you provided would actually be: “Come see david saturday on Friday!” No one in their right mind would say, “dot david saturday”. :wink:

The CDs are free so there are no worries there.

Yes, we are working on making a “real” website. That was the first thing I told him. We found a place and are working on a new design.

We’re trying to make hundreds of copies and they don’t care if 99% go in the trash. As long as one CD goes to someone who likes it, they’re happy.

It is actually my youth pastor’s band from when he was in college. A friend of mine and I stopped by his house last week and talked for about 2 hours trying to start up his band.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, everything is being worked on, except the name. Anybody out there ever make this work? Anybody else ever try? C’mon I know you all want to respond.:wink: