help me i.d. this show

This TV show aired maybe in the late 1980s and may have had a limited run. Could be a rerun—I seem to recall watching it in the summer. It was basically about a group of kids at camp (I’m pretty sure the title was “Camp” something). I recall an episode in which one kid thought another kid was a druggie when he saw him injecting insulin.

Any ideas on what this show is???

My first guess would be the Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts which ran from 1991-1993.

I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know about the insulin episode, but it was basically a show about kids at summer camp trying to outwit their counselors.

Nope—that sounds a little too late. Plus, we didn’t get cable, so this would be a standard network shor.

That would be a standard network SHOW, if I had proofread it before I hit reply.

Camp Anawanna on Nickelodeon? I think that’s it…hehe…loved that show. Hope that helps


We used to watch a children’s show about a summer camp in elementary school. I think it originally aired on public television, since it was quasi-educational, and if I remember right the camp’s name had the word “feather” in it. But the clothes and production values suggested maybe late 70s, not late 80s. I had a look at and at the book “Total Television,” neither of which listed anything like what either of us is talking about. :confused:

Just to clarify–I wasn’t implying you were wrong about your date, just saying that I remembered something similar but yet slightly different and equally difficult to find.

I was going to second the nomination for Salute your Shorts, but the insulin thing was probably too heavy a topic for that show.
Have you tried looking for it at Jump the Shark?

Was it Camp Candy with John Candy and Eugene Levy?

Ooohh, does this jog some long-dormant brain cells. I used to watch this show in the late '70s on PBS whenever I was home sick from school. It was definitely called Camp High Feather. I haven’t been able to find much on Google but it’s mentioned briefly on this bulletin board so I know I’m not making this all up out of thin air.
And wow, I’m getting old.

Seeing I have about 3/4ths of the “High Feather” theme song stuck in my head right now, I know you haven’t made it up (I do daydream a lot, but I have never been able to create theme songs in the daydreams.) Anyway, it was on PBS, during the day (watched it over summer vacation) and the insulin thing sounds vaguely familiar…