Help me ID an actress, please!

She’s blonde, in her 30’s, stars in a new series to be premiering within the next few weeks, has been in other shows and movies, but I can’t place where.

I want to say Mary McDonnell but she’s not the same woman. I’m better than 50% sure her first name is Mary, but it may not be.

Her costar is unknown to me. No idea who he is. Looks like a new face.

It’s a cop or detective show, current day, and they’ve been running promos on one of the second tier networks (USA, TNT, TBS, A&E, Bravo, that sort of network).

Any ideas?

Link to a picture of her if you can.

That’s probably Mary McCormack, starring in In Plain Sight.

E.T.A. You may be remembering her from the later seasons of The West Wing.

Thanks! That’s the one. Three minutes flat! Viva SDMB!

Probably. I’ll check her credits for where else.

I know her best from Murder One, which shows you how out of touch I am.

I guess Fred Weller must be the guy I couldn’t remember, but I wouldn’t have recognized him from his other credits, although he does look familiar.

Also, it looks like I’ve missed a couple of seasons already! Nevertheless, I’ll give it a try and if I like it I’ll try to get caught up somehow.

Here’s a link to “In Plain Sight” (2008) in case others may be curious.

It does appear that The West Wing would be where I remember Mary from.

My wife is a big fan of “In Plain Sight”. It’s actually been on for a couple of seasons now (as you’ve likely figured out); what’s coming up is the season premiere.

It’s a fairly intense show, by USA Network standards. McCormack’s character is a federal marshal, assigned to the Witness Protection Program. She has a boatload of personal issues, as well as a crazy, alcoholic mother.

Thanks for that. I confess to paying little attention to the promos. I’m curious if there’s any magic to the IMDB item:

suggesting Season 1 Episode 1.

Weird time of day is all I can say.

My guess is that they’re replaying the old episodes in lead-up to the premiere of Season 3 (which I think may not be starting until April). New episodes will have their first run during prime time.

When USA starts running new episodes, it’s guaranteed to drive me crazy. My wife has the show set for “series recording” on our DVR. The problem is that USA shows each new episode three or four times over the course of the week (at different times), but the program log flags all of those showings as "new’. So, the DVR (which is set to only record “new” episodes) dutifully records the same episode again, and again, and again…

Similar situation here. I’ll do manual setups to get as many as I can of the old ones, see if I really want to commit to it, and then, if I do, manually set the new season for ideal times.

We proabably have 15 (at least) series recordings set up and half the time I’m manually deselecting them. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Thanks for your input on all this.

:smiley: A not-infrequent conversation in our house:

Me: “The DVR just started recording something…do you know what?”
Wife: “No idea…I don’t think I have any shows on now.” (Note: our DVR has something like 14 series recordings set up…they’re all hers.)
Me: [flipping through the program guide to see what’s being recorded] “In Plain Sight. AGAIN. Have you already seen this one?”
Wife: [looks at listing] “Yup.”
Me: “Stooopid DVR.” [cancels recording]

You’re welcome!

Or they may be pushing sales of the second season, which was released on DVD last week.

Cool! After I watch a few of the first season on TV, I may go ahead and rent the Netflix as far as it goes. I prefer the DVD to TV.

We travel the same road! Ain’t it great?


My favorite time is Thursday evenings, when my wife has overlapping recordings of both “Supernatural” and “Fringe”, neither of which I particularly care for. Even better…most of the time, she’s actually over at a friend’s house watching “Supernatural” there!

So, you ask, why is she recording a show she’s already watching? For repeat viewings, of course!!

So, on most Thursdays, from 8pm until 9pm, I’m home by myself, and can’t use the TV, because it’s busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thursday is definitely the worst night here, too. We have to watch Survivor on “Antenna A” (basic cable with no access to the DVR) while two other shows are being recorded. It’s usually Friday night at the earliest before we see all of Thursday’s stuff. Other nights, Wednesday and Friday mostly, we look around for stuff to watch.

Have you seen my thread about creating your own ideal primetime schedule, network independent? If not, you could fantasize there, if you didn’t already. I forget who all played along there.

It looks like you weren’t in on that thread.

Your Ideal Primetime TV Weeknight Schedule
03-02-2010, 05:30 PM

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