Help me ID this 70-s (?) song. (Please! I already tried googling it.)

As a ten-year-old I borrowed a mix-tape chock-ful of sixties and seventies music from my father, which I enjoyed immensely (and as my english-skills at the time were very limited, my parents didn’t feel the need to be concerned about the message being brought - very convenient for parents in non-english-speaking countries ;)).

Now, my problem is: one of the songs from this tape has been on repeat inside my cranium for nearly a week, and I would like to replace my version with the original version.

As I cannot recall the title of it, and decidedly not the real lyrics (only some onomatopoeic nonsense I would be ashamed to reproduce here), I ask you, fellow dopers to fill the lapse in my memory, so that I can purchase this, as I remember it, excellent song. One line I do seem to remember goes something like:

…I know that you know that we know it’s wrong…

sung in a slow and whimsey manner, and I think the artist is Marc Bolan. I don’t think this is a very obscure song, so I was surprised I couldn’t google it down.

Oh, and as for the reward, anyone who nails this one will get the honour of being titled “Nestor of this doper’s father’s mixtapes”!

Well, it’s on this album:

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:smiley: Now that’s clever!

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“The Leopards (featuring Gardenia and the Mighty Slugs)” by Marc Bolan/T. Rex.

Thank you very much Notdfms!

Legomancer, that’s what I found too when I searched the web, but as I didn’t find the lyrics to go with it, I wasn’t sure.

And NoClueBoy, you just made yourself unworthy of your username ;).