Help me ID this arcade game

A long time ago when I was a child (well not that long, I’m 21) me and my friend used to go to this public pool. There was a little arcade by the pool and we used to play this game, but for the life of me I can’t find info on it anywhere. This is what I remember about it, but since it was like 10 or so years ago my memories might be a bit off.

I THINK it was called “Dragon’s Gate”, but since a Google search doesn’t come up with anything I’m now doubting myself. You could select 3 different warrior characters. One was a bird creature, one was a half pig creature with a trident-like weapon. I’m not sure what the third character was. Two players could play at the same time, and possibly three - I’m not sure. It was a sidescrolling platformer beat em’ up game. It started with an animation of the three warriors entering through a gate then approaching an ominous looking evil pyramid type thing. You would then proceed to pound waves of enemies in a free scrolling (you could scroll the screen forward, back, up and down) platform level. After a while the sky would turn dark and a boss monster would appear. Me and my friend always ran out of quarters at this point.

Any ideas?

  • Mike

Was it Altered Beast? This is about the closest I can come up with. Or check around the rest of the site and see if you remember it.

I don’t think you had a choice for your character in Altered Beast (although I could be wrong); I did find, however, [url=** Golden Axe, which gives you (I think) a trident weapon for one of the characters.

The bird thingy was an enemy in this one, so it might not be the OP’s game.

Oops. Here’s a fixed link.

I found it. The game is called China Gate , and I think I’m the only one who’s ever heard of it.

Thanks anyways,

  • Mike