Help me ID this Art Ensemble of Chicago tune

This thread about jazz got me to reminiscing. Last night I had this tune by the Art Ensemble of Chicago going through my head again; I had heard them play it in concert and they played it on NPR when they announced the death of Lester Bowie.

It’s a medium tempo pentatonic tune with a “sweet” arrangement, played semplice. Bowie’s trumpet plays the melody. The first five notes are an ascending pentatonic scale, exactly the same as in Don McLean’s song “Vincent” (“Starry starry night…”). It really isn’t very jazzy, more like a folk song. I think this was the AEC’s pop single meant to appeal to a wider audience, 'cause some of their experimental jazz was a little, you know, out there. Maybe it would be a painless way to ease in to the jazz listening experience.

Sorry to see this sink into the unanswered thread pile, so a little bump in case anyone can answer the question. I’m not at all knowledgeable about the Art Ensemble; the first thing that came to mind was that the natural tune to play on the radio as a farewell to Bowie would have been “Odwalla”, which they usually closed their concerts with. However, your description of the tune you heard doesn’t match this…