Help me ID this obscure 90's computer game

Okay, so this is going to be a tough one, but I will love you forever if you can help me.

Back in high school, I downloaded a roleplaying/fantasy/quest-type game for MacIntosh. The game had a top-down view. You had to wander around, gathering items, solving puzzles, and beating up monsters. It was probably freeware or shareware, and there were several sequels.

Now here comes to only identifying thing I can remember about it. It had a great sense of humor, especially with regards to sound effects. If you bumped into someone, the sound effect would say, “Scuse me.” If you kept bumping into that person over and over, it would go, “Scuse me. Scuse me. Scuse me. Scuse me. GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

Ring any bells?

Without knowing any more details, I’m going to take a very wild and random guest: Taskmaker?

Do you have more info on the types of items, puzzles, and monsters?

You. Are. A. God! That’s it!

runs off to download TaskMaker

Stays sat in chair to google TaskMaker

Sadly, I have now discovered this game runs only on MacIntosh, and I have a PC. The process for installing Mac OS on a PC is long and arduous. sobs brokenheartedly

Wow. Talk about getting lucky with a prayer shot! Maybe I should go to Vegas! Oh the stories from my last trip there…

It’s somewhat worse: As I recall, Taskmaker was distributed as trialware: Only the first few tasks were available; to go farther in the game, you had to pay the registration fee. And I suspect that a game that old may no longer have a valid registration source.

Updated info, after edit window closed on me: The game and its sequel are available from, which will sell a license for both games as well as some other software. The games are in Classic MacOS, so I don’t know how playable they are now.

** off to find out… **