Help me ID this video game

I can’t remember the system, but you were a little guy with a gun running through various bases. The bad guys had diffirent models of robot vehicle you could commandeer: I remember a spider-one that coudl walk on walls and ceilings, a ball one, a heavy tank type, a flyer…possibly others. There was also a versus where two of you’d pick a vehicle and fight. If the thing got too damaged you have to run around as the little guy till you found a new one.

Vague, I know. But I suddenly remembered this game today and how much I loved it, and I wanna see if I can get it again without too much money. It was old though, kinda primitive.

LucasArts’ Metal Warriors for the Super Nintendo.

Thank you. Sonova-I really wanna play this again! Aw man!

Well there are emulators out there. You can usually find at least one emulator for virtually any old rom-based console.

Be warned though that it is illegal to possess or distribute the rom images (software copies of the original roms) that you need to actual play a game on your console emulator (unless possibly you actually own that rom cartridge, maybe you can legally possess the rom image then - I’m not at all sure about that, though).

It is possible to track down such rom images but a) you won’t usuallly find a direct link from the emulator sites 'cos of said illegality and (b) no way are you going to get information on how to get them on the SDMB for the same reason, so please don’t ask.

But if you really want the same experience I think you’d be far better off buying an old console and rom cartridge . from e-bay. It’s never going to be quite the same played on a PC emulator.