Help me identify movie scene "I've got two words for you, go f*ck yourself"

Driving me crazy that I can’t remember this scene. I was pretty sure it was Goodfellas, Casino, Scareface, DeNiro, something testosterone fueled.

Help me out. It’s a total whoosh. Two words for you “go fuck yourself” and the other person then answers something like “jokes on you, that’s actually 3 words.”

Dang, this is bugging me. I used it in a thread yesterday. Also tonight at dinner with my eldest (with an non profane example), who promptly and smugly replied “that’s 3 words Dad”. She is going to film school in the fall, so I want to help prepare her with at least this tidbit. She also finds it hilarious when I throw in things like “hang a louie, take a Roger at the light.” :eek:

I remember in Die Hard II, Samantha the reporter is hounding the disgraced mercenary Colonel for a quote:

*“Do you have a word for us, Colonel?”

“Yeah, I have two words for you: ‘fuck’ and ‘you.’”*

However, I don’t recall if Sam had a witty rejoinder.

De Niro does it to Charles Grodin in MIDNIGHT RUN.

I LOVE this place. Solved. Thank you Waldo P, that was really bothering me.

“I’ve got two words for you: Shut The Fuck Up!”

I still use that quote.

There’s a scene in Catch Me If You Can in which the Tom Hanks character’s FBI colleagues are teasing him for being humorless. One of them says he probably doesn’t even know any jokes.

Hanks insists he does know a joke.

“Oh, yeah?” his fellow agent says. “Tell it to us.”

“OK. Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

Hanks fumes, realizes he doesn’t have a punchline, and says, “Go fuck yourself!”