Help me identify this bridge in Tokyo!

I like to find live network camera feeds from Tokyo, and then figure out where they’re located, based on clues I can see in the video. Sometimes I try and track the camera down by its IP address, but mostly I use things like street signs, shop names, bridges, or other landmarks.

There’s one camera I found here, whose location I pinpointed with Google Maps street view to the top of the building here. If you pan the network camera down and to the right, you can see the small building on the street view here across the street, although they’ve painted over the graffiti since the street view photo was taken.

I’m wondering if the bridge you can see when you pan up and to the right has a name, or if not, what highway or road system it is. I can’t read Japanese, so Google Maps isn’t much help there. Can anybody tell me?

That’s Rainbow Bridge, one of the more well-known and iconic bridges in Tokyo. It crosses Tokyo Bay and has two decks, one for the Shuto (Capital) Expressway and another for a train line and another highway (I forget which one).

ETA: Route 357 is the lower route, according to Wikipedia’s article on the bridge.

The suspension bridge with the circular ramp over the water? I believe it’s the Rainbow Bridge.

As seodoa and Sunspace have already said, it’s Rainbow Bridge. The elevated road that comes from the left and disappears in the center of the screen is the looping on-ramp to the bridge from the shore.

The train line that goes over the bridge, incidentally, is the Yurikamome, a fully automated line that doesn’t use drivers.

Thank you, seodoa, Sunspace and Sublight! (Nice alliteration there, btw!)

That’s it. I’ve never seen the bridge with the lights on, but then I’m usually checking the feed at night, and I’m about 14 hours behind Tokyo time.

I’m forever amazed at how fast the Dope can come back with answers to questions like this.

I like the Yurikamome. It’s a really nice ride and you get some really nice views of the city from within the train. Been ages since I’ve had any reason to go to Odaiba, though.

I just rode it last Sunday to go to this year’s Whisky Live event at Big Sight. Don’t quite remember how I got home.