Help me identify this movie.

It’s not an extremely old movie, probably mid-to-late nineties. It’s an horror movie, kind of like Scream. Anyways, the scene I remember in a corporate-ish building. This guy goes into a dark room where there’s some lady and it’s really shadowy, so you don’t see the guy’s face. Then, he strangles the lady and it’s really creepy because you can see is the woman’s mouth and she starts gasping and dies. Then, the other part I remember is the guy being chased by two cops. The killer jumps from some ledge at this construction site and falls into a pit full of cement or something similar. Then, the two cops see him slowly sinking into the cement. I don’t know why, but the scene suddenly popped into my head and I’d like to know what movie it is.

If you hadn’t said it was horror I’d say Rising Sun starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes, from the Michael Crichton novel.

But I would call that more of a mystery/action film.

Were there a lot of Japanese people in it?

I don’t think it was necessarily horror. And I don’t think there were a lot of Japanese people in it, but I can’t be sure.

Well, those two scenes do occur in Rising Sun. Does one of the cops speak Japanese with a Scottisg burr? :wink:

Still shaking my head over Connery speaking Russian tinged with an Edinburgh accent.

I agree with Rich Mann - this is ‘Rising Sun’.

After an opening party of a glitzy new office building, owned by a Japanese corporation, a blonde woman is discovered strangled on a board-room table.
Part of the film involves security camera footage of the incident.

Later Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes chase the killer. After being blocked by some corporate hired thugs, who only want to delay them, they discover the killer in a pit of fresh cement.

There’s a lot more plot, but this can’t be a coincidence.

Oh, yes, I think it is “Rising Sun” because I also remember (somewhat) seeing a dead woman on top of one of those long board-room tables. I think I’ll rent it. I don’t remember, so is it any good?

Well it’s an action movie with a complicated plot. I liked it, but ymmv.

Meh. It might be worth a buck rental on a slow night, but I wouldn’t drive across town for it. Still, if you’re determined, you should double-feature it with another Michael Crichton-penned film and watch Sphere, which will make Rising Sun seem all that more exciting by comparison.

Or you could just rent a good film. Your choice.


I’ve seen Sphere. That movie freaked me out. Well, I suppose if I see Rising Sun on TV, I’ll watch it.

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