Help me identify this recent country song

I need help identifying a song that someone asked me about. I know how the song sounds but I don’t know the artists and I can’t remember any of the lyrics.

  1. It is a male/female duet but the singers don’t sing at the same time.
  2. The male sings alone first for a couple of minutes and then the female sings.
  3. I believe it is a love song but the relationship is failing.
  4. The singers tell their side of the story one at a time.
  5. The mood is kind of sad but hauntingly beautiful.
  6. The tempo is pretty easy and slow so you can easily hear what each is saying.
  7. The song is pretty recent. It is still being played on country stations but may be a year or two old.

I didn’t have enough to go on to do a Google search so I decided to turn here. Any ideas?

It sounds like “Whiskey Lullaby” by Allison Krauss and Brad Paisley. It’s a lovely, depressing song about a love gone bad. It’s been on the radio a month or two, but they play it a lot still. The video just came out, too.

It’s on Brad’s album Mud on the Tires and I’m sure you could find the lyrics on his site.

That is not it although I do have to admit that it meets my criteria and is a pretty good song. Any other ideas?

This isn’t exactly country, but it got a lot of play on the country stations: “picture” by Kid rock… there were two different version I believe, one with Sheryl Crow, one with Allison Moorer.

I think it fits the rest of your criteria though.

That is not it either. I see that there could be several songs that fit the criteria. I suppose that I will just have to ask Dopers to take a guess if they can think of any more.

The field of man/woman duets that have gotten serious country airplay over the past 2 years can’t be that large… maybe someone can find a list for shag to go over and consider one song at a time. :wink:

Sorry, I made a mistake. That was it. It does sound pretty “country” to me. Thank you very much.

Okay, didn’t find much for recent duets, (lots of search results for classic country duets, but that didn’t help, lol.)

This link might be helpful: Country top 40 archives going back several years, and for any particular week you can generally look for duets easily just by scanning for a ‘with’ in the artist column.

And inspired by that, I have one more guess: Mendocino County Line

‘And that’s the Big-City Countryphile, signing off.’ (Which was a web alias of mine from many years back. :wink: )

Doh! :wink: