Help me kill time

this is my situation. I have to burn 10 CDs. Nothging illegal though. All the origianls and the copies are mine.
I have a 2x CD writer. What this means is that a 74 min CD will take around 40 minutes. In the meantime, I am stuck in this lab. I mean really stuck, if I leave I dont have the keys to get back in. I forgot to bring in somereading material. All I can do is browse the web without Java; this means chatting is out. All I can do is sit in front of this comp and try to do pass time.
So my request: If you come across this thread before 4am EST, please reply with ANYTHING… I just want to read something…
After 4am EST, this thread will self-destruct…

Thanks. Veera.

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Hi Veera! How ya doin’? Must suck sitting there with nothing to do. I actually have stuff to do, I’m just not doing it. But my kid is in bed, my husband is out playing (he’s a musician–he’s out playing because it’s his job), and the house is quiet. I’m just killing time myself, until the MST3K rerun comes on at 11.

Nothing much else going on here. Got to go get something to eat now…I’m about 8 1/2 months pregnant, and there’s some ice cream in the freezer that’s just calling to me, you know?

Hope I could cheer you up a little! maybe someone else will come along with some good jokes. The only good one I know I already posted in the joke thread. :slight_smile: Have a good night!

Mmmmmmmmmmm…Ice cream…I would like to have some now…I have some in my freezer too. As you might guess, its a couple of blocks away…
Whats MST3K? It is some TV show, but I cant break down the abbrev.
All the best for the new baby (IS that how someone wishes a pregnant lady? I havent the faintest idea)!!

And Goodnight!!

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MST3K is Mystery Science Theater 3000. No, it’s not a new show. In fact, it’s been cancelled. But the Sci-Fi Channel is still showing reruns.

And yes, what you said about best wishes for the new baby is just fine. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m just kinda killing time too,scrolling thru the topics in hopes of finding something interesting – aren’t you able to post replies? After I get done with the SDMB, I’ll probably play scrabble with the puter for awhile then off to bed. I’m sure there are a lot of SDMB posters who’ll be up late and can write lots of interesting stuff as well as nonsense to amuse you. If you can find that real long thread on minorities (I think that was the topic title) that got one of the SDMB administrators fired and caused a real hoo-ha on the board that’ll keep you busy reading for about 3 hours.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – the very best show in the world!

Killing time. Well let me tell you about my day. I got my sorry ass up around noon, ate a hamburger for breakfast that I made myself (I don’t do fast food) and then made some pan fries to go with it. And a big glass of milk. Oh, I didn’t make the milk though, bought that at the store!

Then I lifted weights for about an hour. GRUNT! Then I was stinky so I took a shower. Then I posted out here. Then I went and worked on my stained glass stuff. Then I watched “Doing time on planet earth” while I cut up celery and onions for the freezer. No, it’s not going to eat them, just hold them for me until I need them. They were on sale last week.

I’m back out posting here but will stop in a while to go work on my romance novel. Isn’t my day just exciting as all get out? I’ll probably make some soup for dinner and then eat it while I write. Boring huh? Well, it helped you kill a few more minutes. Next time you should bring a good book with you. Or hell, I’ll send you one of mine to read!

Hey Veera,

You can listen to some weird UFO-related stuff at

That is if you have RealPlayer…

You can chose the current live program which is being hosted by Whitney Streiber or you can go into the sound clip archive and listen to such things as the Trumbull County 911 tapes…


You can sign yourself up for some free product samples at:

Contestant #3

Hey, veera. I am also bored to tears. I’ve been in the computer lab playing around since five or six, and I think I’ve actually run out of things to do. I would just go home, but there’s nothing to do there, either, and my roomate is probably asleep (which means no phone, radio, or TV). I never thought I’d find myself wishing that I had homework to do. On the plus side, I am getting to talk to my fiance on AIM. :slight_smile:

You can always browse away an hour or so reading through the Skeptic’s Dictionary @

Some more…

What’s New in High WWWeirdness

Read about some of your fellow netizens

Visit the remains of the Kooks Museum

Or, what I often do when I need a mind trek, go and look up the first thing that pops into your head at:

Don’t forget to change out those CD’s!

Hey Byzantine…could I talk you into emailing me any leftover pan fries you might have? :slight_smile:

MST3K is coming on in a few…Veera, I hope you have a good night!

Whoa!! I was gone for 15 minutes getting the second CD on, and I already have 10 more replies…Thanks everyone… it was nice of you all.
sycorax - I was in touch with SDMB when the minorities thing happened. I dont want to go back to that ugly incident again. Thanks anyway. About posting replies, I am just too lazy for that…:slight_smile:
Byzantine - let me tell you about MY day. Got up at 10. Didnt see why I had to get up so early. Fianlly got up at noon. MADE and had lunch by 1:30. Was in the lab till 2:30 trying to do Monte-Carlo Simulation to find hte area of a circle with radius 0.5 units. Boring. Then called up a friend and tried to catch up on gossip that goes on around here. At 5:30 (yeah, THREE hours of gossip), went to the upper quad to play a game of cricket(its a game that the commonwealth countries play). Its one of the slowest games on earth. At 6:30 I quit. till 9 pm I was just loafing around waiting for the guy who has the key to this lab. and then, finished one CD burning 30 minutes back, only to find the tracks have been jumbled up. I mean, they have been REALLY thrown around. One track starts in the middle of another. etc etc. The entire music in the copy CD; but whats the point? Hoping the second CD wont screw up…
C#3: Nope, no real player. I tried to install the damn thing on my UNIX workstation 1 uear back. No luck.
Cess: I noticed your day was very similar to mine. Only difference, no fiance, or is that fiancee? (Please refer the foonote)
beatle - give some time to check out those sites.Thanks.

Thanks everyone!!!

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Actually, veera, it’s fiancé (hope that stays, it’s an “e” with an uphill accent). And he left; he decided to go on to bed. I, on the other hand, have trouble sleeping before midnight (sometimes after). I proved this over the weekend by keeping Carl up until 3am, with my sleepless complaints. Poor thing. :slight_smile: I let him sleep 'till four the next day to make up for it.
He did tell me about a really cool site which I will not name because they have very strict anti-spamming policies. It’s really a great thing if you surf the 'net a lot, so if you want to hear about it, email me.

Hi, Veera. Sounds like your night isn’t going all that great. Actually, I don’t have a damned thing that’s even remotely interesting to say, but maybe a boring message is better than none at all.
It’s nice to know other people’s days are as boring as mine. I woke up early, always do anymore, took the dog out and read the paper. THEN I promptly went back to bed and sacked out until about 11.
But hey, then the excitement really started, let me tell ya. I took the dog out for a run, took a shower, did a little cooking for the week and cleaned up the kitchen. (Are you bouncing off the walls with pure boredom yet?)
Then I checked into the boards here and, joy oh joy, discovered that I had pissed off a few people in the BBQ pit. And I hadn’t even MEANT to piss them off.
So that was followed by a jolly time emailing apologies to those I’d offended. Just to add to the good times, I took the dog out again.
Actually, that’s the way the whole shebang went. I’ll spare you the rest. Right now the dog is snoozing away and I’m trying to talk myself into going to bed. I don’t want to, because when I wake up it will be Monday. (Profound thought, huh?) Mondays are always at least 14 hour days for me, so this staying up thing is pure insanity.
Well, I’ve bored myself, and to all appeances, even the dog into a coma. Hope your night goes better!

Well, here’s my day. I also got up at noon. Must be a popular time with the SD’ers.

Ate some leftover pizza from last night. Put my contacts in, brushed my teeth, and went to a movie. Saw “This is my Father” with Aidan Quinn. Nice love story, with a not so happy ending, but nice anyway. And John Cusack is in it (briefly), so that instantly made it a must-see. Went to Target, bought stuff I needed. Made tacos for supper and watched tv. Talked to my sister about a very drunken bachelorette party she attended last night. Watched “Living Out Loud” that I taped off Starz last night.

Pretty exciting, huh?

Well, still haven’t gotten to writing on the novel tonight. I don’t think I’m in the mood. Glad everyone has days pretty much like mine! Where you just sorta drift from thing to thing. Ah, Sunday, thy name is relaxed!

Thinking about starting a really nasty fight out here over something I read but I’m gonna let it stew for a day or two before I go flying off the handle again. I already had to apologizes once tonight for bitching out over something that wasn’t even meant for me so I really don’t want to do it again. Best to sleep on it I think.

Hope the burns start to go better. Never burned a CD though I’ve had a few that I wanted to roast in the oven! Makes me mad when there’s only one good song on the whole thing and the rest isn’t even fit to cover the massive fart noises in the bathroom!

And anyone who gets really bored someday just let me know and I’ll send you exerts (sp?) from my novel. It might put you to sleep or make you crazy to know “THE REST OF THE STORY”.

Hi again! MST3K wasn’t on tonight. Bummer. It was on last week. Grrrrr…so I watched David Cross (from Mr. Show) on HBO. He was okay. Then I read a little of a Dave Barry book, then I tried to clean my bathtub. I’m not bending over too well, so I wasn’t really successful. I’ve got to wonder, though, how my husband can leave such a scuzzy ring around the tub. I’ll have him clean it tomorrow.

I’m going to cruise the boards a bit, then go to bed. Got an appointment with the OB tomorrow morning. I hope you’re keeping entertained!


10:30 a.m. - carefully plan out busy day with beloved; allocate tasks, leading up to bagpipe lesson at 4, barbeque with her family at 6:30 (fortunately, least-favourite brother-in law will not be there.) Confirm with her exactly what items of her clothing I am to launder for her trip to major conference tomorrow.

10:31 - cannot find my house/car keys; ask beloved. She says to take her car keys. Exit house with beloved.

10:32 - lock doorknob lock on leaving; try to lock deadbolt; discover no house key on beloved’s set of car keys. Inquire of beloved why there is no house key.

10:33 - beloved advises that some time ago she took the house key off her car key-ring because it was getting too heavy, and put it on separate ring.

10:34 - inquire of beloved if she has house key. Beloved replies that she wasn’t able to find her house keys; thought I had my other set of house keys.

10:35 - pause for reflection.

10:45 - drop beloved at her office.

11:00 - go to my office (closed on Saturdays) to get spare house key from my desk, stashed there with exactly this emergency in mind.

11:10 - hang around until co-worker with keys arrives.

11:30 - get emergency house key from desk.

11:45 to 12:45 p.m. - grocery shopping; dry-cleaners; fulfill all allocated tasks. Return in triumph to house.

12:46 - discover emergency house key does not work.

12:47 - ruminate.

12:48 - remember that we changed locks after getting rid of suspicious cleaning person 3 years ago. Conclude I forgot to update special emergency key at office.

12:49 - ruminate.

12:50 - remember that gave spare key to parents two years ago when we went on big trip and they watched our house.

12:51 to 1:10 - drive to parents’ condo.

1:11 - ask Dad for spare key; he says, “what spare key? gave it back to you long ago.” Mother asks how the crazy dog is doing. Dad asks computer question. Mother and Dad both compliment me on the new paint job on the house.

1:12 to 1:22 - simultaneously deal with dog inquiry, computer problem, compliments on new paint job, while searching parents’ condo for keys.

1:12 to 1:30 - locate spare key, much to Dad’s suprise. Asks why he has a key?? Explain; remind about trip two years ago. Deal with his counter-argument that he returned the key, and that this cannot be the key.

1:31 - leave condo.

1:32 to 1:51 - return to house.

1:52 - try key.

1:53 - OPEN DOOR!!!

1:54 to 2:00 - re-evaluate entire day’s schedule, now thown completely out of whack.

2:01 to 5:45 - launder specially designated items of beloved’s clothing; prepare pastry for pies for barbeque; discover that mental stress triggers special crumbling factor in pastry; labouriously piece together crusts by hand, after crusts mysteriously fall apart while rolling; peel apples; blanch peaches; placate crazy dog; bake pies.

5:46 - realise that missed bagpipe lesson; recall that crusty (different kind) Scottish instructor has warned me that other people want the spot in class if I don’t; ruminate on chances of having lost spot, after having been on waiting list for some time.

5:47 to 6:00 - pick up beloved from her office.

6:01 to 6:15 - return home.

6:16 to 7:00 - collect pies (hot! hot! - no pie carrier!!) from house; collect crazy dog; drive to campsite for BBQ.

7:01 - arrive at campsite.

7:02 - discover that least-favourite brother-in-law was able to make it after all.

7:03 to 12:00 midnight - drink heavily.

12:01 to 12:20 a.m. - beloved drives us home.

12:21 - beloved mentions that she has a few things to do before going to bed, to be ready for conference.

12:25 - proudly show beloved items of clothing specially laundered and ready. Beloved thanks profusely.

12:26 - beloved asks about the other items she asked to be laundered; are they done yet? in the dryer?

12:27 - moment of panic.

12:28 - beloved remembers that she forgot to ask me to launder those items.

12:29 to 1:00 - launder requested items; hang to dry. Beloved remembers additional items; I assure her I will do them in the morning.

1:00 to 2:00 - surf SDMB, while waiting for beloved to finish her list of items.

2:01 - go to bed.

5:30 A.M.!! - alarm sounds!!

5:31 - beloved explains she has to go back to the office to finish off a few things.

5:40 - beloved leaves; collapse into sleep-deprived stupor.

10:00 - beloved returns; begins packing; asks about additional items she asked to be laundered.

10:01 - realise that sleep deprivation triggers memory loss, particularly with regard to requests for laundry.

10:02 to 11:30 - launder special items; curse slowness of dryer.

11:31 to 11:35 - beloved advises that conference organisers have sent two conflicting itineraries for airplane departure time. Review itineraries with beloved; we conclude must treat both as operational, to ensure she makes plane.

12 noon - leave for airport with beloved, to make Hypothetical Departure Time No. 1.

12:20 - arrive at airport, special departure area. Abandoned.

12:40 to 12:42 - return home for forgotten item.

12:43 to 12:55 - return to airport, special departure area, for Hypothetical Departure Time No. 2. Zero activity.

12:56 to 1:30 - wait at airport; beloved expresses concern about bags under my eyes, general symptoms of sleep deprivation; encourages me to go home and rest, as plane will be here soon.

1:31 - masculine instincts to see beloved onto plane finally crack; gratefully accept beloved’s suggestion.

1:51 - arrive home.

2:00-5:00 - wash dishes from pie-making frenzy; discover that every dish in kitchen apparently was required. Do week’s laundry; placate crazy dog; phone crusty Scots piping instructor to apologize; discover that locking keys in house, while embarrasing, appears to be universally humerous; win reprieve; finally relax with “Have His Carcase” by Sayers; beloved phones to advise arrived safely.

If y’all are bored you can hop over the the thread I just started here in MPSIMS. I need some help with etiquette.

I was educated long after the discontinuation of flogging, and I have no problems with spelling or grammar.
This is because I’m not a moron.
– Stolen from AuraSeer :slight_smile: Sorry, I just thought it was too cute!

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Burning CD’s? Ugh that sucks.

How about some sports scores?


Arizona 16
Miami 19

Green Bay 15
Detroit 23

Indianpolis 28
New England 31

Jacksonville 22
Carolina 20

Oakland 22
Minnesota 17

Pittsburg 23
Baltimore 20

San Diego 34
Cincinatti 7

Seatle 14
Chicago 13

Tampa Bay 19
Philadelphia 5

Washington 50
New York Giants 21

New Orleans 21
<font color=“red”>San Francisco 28</font>

Cleveland 9
Tennessee 26

Denver 10
Kansas City 26

New York Jets 3
Buffalo 17


American League

Detroit 5
Boston 7

New York Yankees 11
Cleveland 7

Chicago White Sox 3
Toronto 2

Tampa Bay 15
Texas 2

Kansas City 3
Oakland 12

Minnesota 2
Seatle 1

Baltimore 5
Anaheim 4

National League

Montreal 1
Atlanta 5

Cincinatti 5
Pittsburg 8

Philadelphia 6
New York Mets 8

Houston 4
St. Louis 3

Milwalkee 7
Chicago Cubs 8

Los Angeles 5
Colorado 2

Florida 7
Arizona 8

San Francisco 3
San Diego 6

So what’s your favorite teams? I think you know who mine is. :wink: