Help me name my cat!

I got a 4 month old kitten about a week ago, and I still haven’t named it! She is black, with orange eyes.

Any ideas for a good, unusal cat name? Or even a good name from a movie character, or comic book character, or anything! Get creative! It doesn’t even have to be a real word or name. What do you all think? What should I name my cat?

Black, with orange eyes? I’m thinking a Halloween name, like Pumpkin, or Goblin, or Devil, or something. Or you could always go with Spike. That’s a kitty name I’ve always liked.

Got any pictures?


or Soup for short

Quantum Flux. I have a black cat with orange eyes too, his name is Alex, but if I ever get another one, I’m naming him Quantum Flux.


Well, don’t name it John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt. That’s my name…

Cougar Excalibur!



I always liked “quibble” for a kitten.

Name it dog.

If it purrs loudly, Muffler.

This isn’t at all related to her coloring, but I knew a cat named Snickers once. Cutest name ever. Or how about Skittles? Pickles, as mentioned by Guy Montag, is also good. FTR, I’ve never had any kitties with food names.

If you want to stick with the goth theme and/or go literary, there’s always Raven. Or, even better, Nevermore.

We really need more info as to the personality of the cat. I always wait a couple of weeks before the naming ceremony, just to see what would suit. However, I usually come up wit pretty dumb names.

Murdoch - hated the litter tray, but heaven help you if you left a newspaper lying around. So, for his habit of trashing newspapers, he was named after Rupert Murdoch.

Sugar Ray - little black cat, one heck of a fighter, hence the name.

Columbine - looked like a little harlequin with her black n white face, but couldn’t imagine shouting ‘Harley’ for such a lil cat when it was time for dindins. Named after Harlequin’s significant other.

Erica - okay, that was down to a bf of mine. Named after Eric Cantona. Turned out to be female. Added the ‘a’ to avoid confusing her sexually.

Sylvester - unoriginal, looks like Sylvester out of the cartoons.

Sam - meant to be named ‘Fawkes’ as he adopted me on Guy Fawkes night. Bf thought I was naming him after Fox Mulder and got jealous. Called S.A.M, for surface to air missle, which is how he reacted to his first few days with the rest of the zoo.


Name her Boo Radley.

Sam Hain (or Samantha Hain since it’s female)
Cecilia (after our very own Perfect Master)

The Wrong Girl caught my thinking right away. Hallokitty. Kind of a dark side of the cutesy Hello Kitty.

An orange-eyed black female sounds too beautiful!

Let me know the final decision, and send kitty pictures!


ok so it’s rather…generic. But ours was a stray and all cats answer to kitty soooo there you go.

or Pretty, that works heh.

Only others I named were my two dogs, Oreo and Twix. So why not name her Reeses?

Witchy Woman - Witchy for short.