Help me name my goldfish! (Fishy pictures included!)

Perhaps first I should introduce myself. I’m Angelique-long time lurker, first time poster (OK, more like 3rd or 4th time…maybe).

Here’s a little back story: A month ago I decided I wanted a fish tank; they’re so darn tranquil and, let’s face it, fish are entertaining with the way the swim around in their scaly glee. I purchased a few (OK, 4) fish and a friend randomly showed up and brought me two more. (BTW, they had great names: Blade, Laser, Blazer, Rico, Suave, Postulio, and Sir Ivan von Goldfishius IV Esq.).

Over the next few weeks, a fishy holocaust ensued. One by one, my little buddies all keeled over; well, all but one. Sir Ivan von Goldfishius IV Esq. was the sole survivor.

Sir Ivan seemed all lonely, so I buckled and bought two new fish. One is a puffy cheeked goldfish (rightfully dubbed Puffy) and one other fish. The problem is, I can’t figure out what to name him!

So this is where I call the mighty Dopers to power: help me, oh wise ones! Help me name my new little fishy buddy!

If you need some inspiration, here he is: ain’t he cute?

BTW- Anyone ever notice it’s a pain to take pictures of fish? :smiley:

Very cute. You should call him Evinrude.

Name them Lennon and McCartney. Just make sure they don’t nibble on your toes.

“Fishstick” or “Tarter Sauce”.

Dr. Faustus. Definitely. I mean, look at him!

Er, I meant and - Fishstick and Tarter Sauce. I got my sister a fish and I named him the former. She liked it.

Mr. Dash

I really like your gravel, btw. I always appreciate more natural colours in aquariums… part of me always think the fish are happier that way.

Are you saying my fish looks Satanic?

El gato.

Welcome back to the board, by the way.

Gracias! I actually have a…well…Atlantis-eque theme.

You can get an idea what I mean here

das Limpett

Alright…enlighten me?

I used to have the exact same ornament as you have in the middle there in one of my other tanks.

Tell me that isn’t a Bathtub Virgin Mary behind your tank?

I see an evil glint in his eye… (granted, that could just be a bubble).

It is from the old Warner Brothers movie “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” where Don Knotts falls overboard and is transformed into an animated fish.

Perhaps the term “Bathtub Virgin Mary” is lost on me, but… it’s a big blue fishie background thing with some roman ruins (maybe greek- who knows?) and a statue.

Mr. Moto

Here’s some names I’ve used for my past fishies…

Captain Slog


Helicopter (don’t ask)



Rage Cage (inspiration from Tenacious D :))

Okay, serious question time…

what size is the tank, please tell me it’s more than 10 gallons, goldies are notoriously messy and get big (8" for the fancies, even the lowly .25¢ “feeder” comet can get to 12-14" under ideal situations

a single fantail or other fancy would be okay in a 10, it’d be happier in a 20 or larger, a single goldie in a 10 can work, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels and make sure you do weekly 25-50% water changes

if you want an attractive fish that stays small, sorry, but a goldie isn’t the right choice, they’re great fish, don’t get me wrong, i would have one in my 20 long right now, but it’s heavily planted and goldies love to eat plants, you might want to consider a Betta Splendens, however you will need a heater in the tank as Bettas are tropical and goldies are coldwater

here’s a pic of my tank, a goldie would look at it and think “SALAD BAR!!!”

as for names, how about…