Help me name my new dog!

To celebrate my new job and my first payday, I adopted a dog from the pound. I picked him up today after his neuter. He looks just like an English setter, although he’s a couple inches smaller than the breed standard. He’s white with liver freckles all over his body. He’s very calm and gentle, and I was thinking possibly Darcy, after the English gentleman in Pride and Prejudice, but my family thinks Darcy is too effeminate a name for a male dog. Other possibilities are Ronan or Alastair. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Hopefully I’ll be able to take pictures tomorrow.


If you wanna stick with the English Lit references, I’d vote for “Linton”, the name of Cathy’s husband in Wuthering Heights.

How masculine are we going with this name?

Cuthbert? A nice old english name.


My sister said “Spot”, because of the freckles. When I said I wanted something more dignified, she said “Mr. Spot”. I’m not wedded to literary or British names, (although I’m thinking about Mick, too). I want something easy to call when out in the fields. I don’t need something that is testosterone-filled, but Darcy sounds like a girl’s name.


Guy in motel room next to Navin Johnson: “You should call him Shithead.”

I always thought “Magnus” would make a good dog’s name.

Sex! Sex is always a good name for a dog…

(…what, am I the only person who knows this joke?)

As promised, here are dome pics of the new boy. Hopefully better pics to come.

Setter 1

Setter 2

Setter 3

My horse


how about Van-Illa - and call him Van?

You should call him Bob. If, like me, you already have a goldfish with that name, you could call him Bob Jr.



Smokey Joe - From the song not the grill.

Based on photo #2 I say Rudder

But I really do like Mr. Spot. So many Star Trek jokes just waiting to happen.

(He’s a lovely dog, you two will have so much fun together)

If Darcy is too effeminate, how about Darby, or Dabney?

Or you could be like my grandfather who named all of his male dogs “Boy”. It seemed to work pretty well - “Here Boy!, Sit Boy!, Speak Boy!”

Seriously, I think Darby would be a pretty good name for a setter.

I like Cuddy.

He looks like a Winthrop to me. I don’t know why.

I like:




My suggestion would be a name that is, or reduced to one sylable. For example my dog Foxie is called Fox. The reason is practical. If the dog takes off to chase a squirrel, and the squirrel happens to be on the other side of the street, and there is a car coming, by the time you yell "Winston Molly Siegried stop! " you got a dead dog in the street. FOX SIT! is a lot faster and more efficient. One, maybe two sylables is your best bet. Of course proper obedience training is a given. Around here itcosts about 50 dollars for the basics. And they don’t train the dog, they train you how to handle the dog. I went through it with Helga, and again with Fox. It really is a bonding sort of thing. Beyond that, you are on your own.

Just don’t name him John Jacob Jingheimer Schmidt.

That’s my name.