Help me name my puppy

Our litter of puppies is now 7 weeks old. (Gratuitous plug - these are champion-bred labrador retrievers - contact me if you’d like a puppy)

Anyway, I digress. I’m keeping one of the females. She is absolutely adorable (what puppy isn’t?) and I want to find the perfect name for her. It always takes me a couple of weeks to name our pets anyway and this time I can’t come up with one I really like. She’s very frisky and independant. Not afraid of anything and definitely the pack leader.

I would love a name that’s fairly easy to say, uncommon, and maybe has a good meaning. Let me know what you can come up with.



My dog is named Sea Biscuit.

It was a stray and my sister and I were calling names after it as it followed my father around on the tractor. My sister yelled Sea Biscuit (you know, horse and bit in a Bugs Bunny cartoon) and the dog looked straight back at us then came running.

Problems, it’s a funny looking mutt and somewhere got the nickname Sh!t Biscuit.

Sea Biscuit? Adorable. Shit Biscuit? stern look I hope you know you’re ruining your poor dog’s self esteem. :wink:

I’m making a list, and yours gets to be on top. You DO like it on top, don’t you?


Beggars can’t be choosers.

Tenacious, like a coonhound tracking a poodle in heat.

Sure they can. Would you prefer to be on the bottom or maybe behind? The list, of course.

Well, start me on top and then work me up and down, umm the list, as desired until you’re satisfied.

Bob, Adnon, or Guarav (pronounced Gar-ov).

What does Guarav mean? Not sure I’ll put Bob on the list…she just doesn’t strike me as a Bob.


In a series of books by George R. R. Martin, several siblings each own a direwolf as a pet. The spunkiest female child’s spunkiest female wolf was named Nymeria.

Or, you could just do what my ex-boyfriend’s former roommate did with his cat, and call her Fucko. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Drain Bead - LOL! Fucko? jeez. I guess funneefarmer’s shit biscuit wasn’t so bad.

Is that pronounced ni-meer-ee-a?

I don’t have a name suggestion (sorry) but a guideline tip.

Dogs respond better to names with “hard” sounds in them. Don’t know why, perhaps they’re better distinguished by the canine ear.

If you want a name that is easy to pronounce, has hard syllables to get the dogs attention, AND is a tribute to this board, I have the perfect suggestion.

Cecil! :smiley:

That’s how I pronounced it, anyway.


The female black lab across the street is named Chance.



What color is she, black, chocolate, or yellow? Are you looking for a pedigree name or a call name?

How about Chinoa? (pronounced Shuh-no-uh)I went to school with a girl with this name. She said it was an American Indian word (I don’t know which tribe) that means ‘white dove’.

How about Hellen (Hellen Bach, Hellen Wheels)?

Dixie? Or more Indian names - Cheyenne, Cherokee, Choctaw?

Let’s see, I breed pedigreed cats, and here are some of the names I have:

Dixie Dawn
Dixie Delight
Sheer Delight (D. Delight’s daughter)
Rhapsody and his daughter Rapture
Potta Gold and his son Spotta Luck
Penny Ante

And I have a yellow lab-mix named Hunny Bunny - started out as Honey, but you know how that goes.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

Chance! I like that one scribbling it on my list

Bendover - I’m looking for a call name right now. The pedigree name is a little easier for me. I always do something long and poetic. :slight_smile:

She’s a yellow (leaning toward the red color). I like the name Chinoa. Taboo is great. I have a horse named Dixie. I like Rhapsody and Rapture, but not sure what to call them for short.