Help me personalize my license plate!!!

Well, I’m going to be getting my first new car in the next month or so, and I’d really like to get a personalized plate to commemorate the event, so I can keep it as a memory of my first new car when it’s long gone. The problem is, I’m not too creative, so I’m enlisting the help of you Dopers out there!!!

The car is partly an early graduation gift from my parents, as my current car is a piece of poop that decides to stop and take a nice long rest on occasion when I’m halfway between “here” and “there”.

I’m studying to become a Respiratory Therapist , and I’ll be graduating in May 2007.

The car that I’m getting is the Scion xB Release Series 3.0 that I talked about in this thread. (Please keep comments about why you don’t like the appearance of the xB to a minimum, as I’ve read plenty of them already, and I’d like to stay on task. Thanks!)

Other random facts about me that might help are that my pet of choice is the ferret and I love the Harry Potter series.

State requirements are 3-7 letters and/or numbers on personalized plates.


From the RT angle:

ASPIRAR (Spanish for “to inhale”, as well as “to aspire”) – ASPIRA is the third-person singular form of the verb (ella aspira means “she breathes”), as well as the command to “breathe!” used when addressing a friend or other person in a “familiar” (as opposed to “formal”) manner.

To combine your ferret and HP interests, you could also try WEASLEY if you’re not afraid of people assuming it’s a description of yourself.


Good ones so far!!! Anyone else?


Turn your head and cough :smiley:

Seven characters, eh? If you had one more character, you could do FRESHAIR. :slight_smile:


(Incidentally, I find the square Scion to be kinda cool. They don’t sell them here–for coolness we have the Smart Fortwo, the Toyota Echo hatch, and the Mercedes B-class, among others–but sometimes one crosses the border. A couple of months ago I was surprised to see one outside Royal York subway station. It had Georgia plates.)