Help me pick out artwork for my office

For the second time in 2 weeks, my work computer is broken, leaving me with little to do other than e-mail friends and play on the Dope. I’m sitting at someone else’s desk, not doing any work.

I remember when this office first became occupied. The occupants were asked to pick out a color for it to be painted. Then they put up pictures and other stuff that they liked.

These were super girly girls. So here I am, sitting in a hot pink room looking at pictures of hot young beefcake.

I told my manager that I wanted to do something similar in my office. Like maybe wallpaper the place with Victoria’s Secret models. Or at least pictures of them.

She shut that idea down really fast.

But seriously, my office is nothing but a windowless white box. It couldn’t possibly be more boring. So I want to at least put up a picture. What I’d really like is a good ocean picture, and at least 14x14. And I’d like to keep it under $100 if possible. My employer will happily put a nail on my wall, but whatever I hang on the nail comes out of my own pocket.

I’ve been looking on, but will gladly take suggestions.

Have you tried There’s a huge selection. Here are a couple:
Driftwood Beach
Lagoon Reef

Another idea would be to get some of those giant wall sticker sets. Something like this should leave no doubt that you’re a boy:

I thought you painted? Will they let you put up one of your own?

I suggest a triptych, to take up as much space as poss. Something like this, this, or this.



I have one in the office right now that could go up. And a few more at home.