Help me, please, Arrested Development fans

The Final Countdown used to be my ringtone. I totally second The Analrapists and Motherboy.

Yes! That is perfect.

Also makes sense if you are familair with the London underground warning, Mind the Gap.



or the Mayonneggs.

I’m trying to think of a hockey/AD combo as well -

maybe **The Staircar Zambonis **


Come on! I just came in to post that.

But if there are any Korens around, they’ll think you just keep on saying “Hello.”

*The Richter Quintuplets *(Donny, Rocky, Emmett, Chareth and Andy)

The Mock Trials (w/ J. Reinhold)

The Mrs. Featherbottoms

The Blackstools
Bangers in the Mouth
Uncle T-Bag
The Girl Michaels
The Funkes

Geez, you don’t even have to go outside of that one character for ideas.

Afternoon Deelite
Dr. Funke’s 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
The Flamers

But the best is the already noted Les Cousins Dangereux


Not Pictured

The AD theme is mine, and when I get a text message, my phone says “annyong.”

The J. Walter Weathermen
The Holy Trinity
The Baby Busters
Say Goodbye to These

The Loose Seals
The Aztec Tombs
Dave Attell’s Cut-offs

Perfect of hockey:
Boy Fights
(also Boyfights 2, A Boyfights Cookout and, my personal favorite, Backseat Boyfights)

Skip Church’s
No Touching!
Marry Me!
Hot Cops
Milford Men
Family First
Mr. Bananagrabber

My two first thoughts were Never-Nudes and Loose Seals, but those have been suggested.

Sausage in the Mouth
Banger in the Mouth
Man, I want to watch that series again. They should make a movie or something.

Barry Zuckercorn



Friends of Dorothy
The Fake Saddams (alternately No-Scar Saddam)